Movie Theater

Case Study Overview

Company Profile

An innovative technology company specializing in transaction-based venue management systems

Business Challenge

Our client is committed to providing easy and intuitive ways to order directly from theater seats without distracting from the action taking place on the big screen.


Only a custom design solution would solve our client’s design issue, so our team ran light simulations to determine where light was being lost and what footprint would yield optimal performance while reducing hot spots and light pollution.


• Optical design: $1,500
• Functional prototypes: $500
• PCB NRE: $500
• Production cost: $2.40 per system
• Time to production: 30 days set

In-theater food service requires innovative indication

A custom PCA assembly and eight small light engines were designed to optimize an in-theater call button for food service.

Product Design

VCC possesses comprehensive expertise in mechanical, electrical, and optical design. Placing considerable value on aesthetics and utilizing the best CAD and light modeling software available, we collaborate with you to create detailed designs, drawings, and schematics.


VCC utilizes the latest in high-resolution stereolithography (SLA) equipment and a broad variety of resins to quickly produce high-tolerance and accurately detailed prototypes.

Production & Supply Chain

To VCC, the manufacture of high-quality products with short lead-times is critical to delivering best-in-class customer service. Thanks to our international production sites and our global fulfillment centers, we offer you efficient and sustainable logistics so you have product on-time.


VCC’s value-added services team can modify our standard illuminated components or design a fully custom solution in accordance with our customers’ mechanical, electrical, and optical needs.

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