Our Custom Solutions

Custom LED Light Pipe Design. Printed Circuit Board Assembly + So Much More

Our Custom Solutions

VCC is the only partner you need for custom solutions that meet or exceed your specifications.

Custom Light Pipe Design

we dominate light pipe design for good reason — deep industry knowledge, an integrated team of experts, and a track record of innovation and quality.

PCB Assembly Services

from turnkey PCB assembly and box build to labor-only assembly, VCC has 5,000 square feet of manufacturing space dedicated to getting the job done.

pmi with custom connectors

Wire Harnessing

let us install your connectors and wire-to-wire connections to streamline your production process and simplify your supply chain.

Discover How We Collaborate With Clients to
Solve Tough Design Challenges


The VCC Way: Collaborate Early + Often

We take a holistic view of every custom project, ensuring we understand the scope, goals, and other requirements from every angle. 

In many cases, clients will approach us with a custom light pipe design, and we discover how to help improve the overall efficiency and performance by making other modifications. Or, we help streamline production and ramp up delivery by providing additional services like PCB assembly or wire harnessing. 

The earlier we can collaborate in the process, the fewer design constraints we’ll have to navigate. Our team is also experienced in creating innovative solutions later in the process too. 

Here’s the process we use to ensure no details are overlooked in creating an optimal solution:

custom light pipe and pcba
light pipe medical device case study


We take the time to ask the right questions about your device, operating environment, timeline, design constraints, budget, optical properties certifications, regulatory and other requirements.

light study of custom light pipe

Light Modeling / Ray Tracing

If there’s an existing design, we run light simulations to establish a baseline and look for areas of improvement.

light pipe medical device case study


After we have thoroughly reviewed the existing design and developed an optimized solution, we present that for review.

venue valet light pipe prototype


Upon approval of the proposal, we move into prototyping to validate the concept. Our in-house capabilities include 3D printing of SLA prototypes for review and approval prior to tooling.

value added service VCC connector diffuser PCB assembly wire harness

Tooling / Final Design Approval

After the prototype is approved, we move into tooling. Our 3D prototypes are a 90% match to the finished product, so there is no money wasted in the tooling process.

light pipe medical device case study

Production and Delivery

Once tooling is complete, we fabricate and assemble components nearby in Mexico so you can take advantage of nearshoring benefits. Then QA and testing are performed before carefully packaging and shipping out the order.

Unmatched Custom Light Pipe Design Expertise

VCC is the industry leader in innovative light pipe design and production. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals is dedicated to creating the ideal solution for our clients and includes:

  • Optical engineers
  • Electrical engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Skilled technicians

Custom light pipe solutions can revolutionize your device — whether you’re completing an LED retrofit or developing a new product. With the right partner, you can achieve a more efficient and cost-effective solution at a price that is more affordable than you may think.

We have extensive expertise in delivering custom light pipes that deliver the ideal solution by incorporating a combination of factors, including:

engineer on computer with light pipe light study on screen
wireless bluetooth cable sound device light ray study

All of these elements help us determine the appropriate look, shape, and properties of the custom light pipe to meet or exceed specifications. 

See Our Light Pipe Design Process in Action


Extensive PCB Design + Assembly Capabilities

VCC is the premier partner for outsourced electronic board assembly. We offer a comprehensive list of capabilities:

Turnkey PCB Manufacturing
Design Consulting
Injection Molded Plastics
Large Board Assembly
Production of Final Product
Local Deliveries
Labor Only Assembly
Design Service
Small Batch
Acrylic Conformal Coating
DFM/Component Analysis
pcba box build icon
Box Build Assembly
Quick-turn Manufacturing
North American Manufacturing
Large Number of Models w/ Variations

Diverse PCB Assembly Experience

We have proven PCBA performance in a range of industries, each with its own challenges and requirements. From small batches to oversized boards, VCC delivers quality and reliability on every project. Our consultative approach ensures we maximize efficiencies from start to finish.

3mm light pipe ul 94 V-0


door opened on washing machine

White Goods


woman biking using an electric bike with battery pack
transportation industry icon


white medical device on table
medical industry icon


vbl series light pipe in iot products such as a robot vacuum
IoT industry icon


Surface-mount PCB assembly.

Through-hole PCB assembly.

All the above.

We’ll design and assemble your boards from start to finish using advanced equipment and decades of expertise.

PCB assembly steps

PCB Assembly You Can Count On

When it comes to PCB assembly, not all partners provide the same level of quality or service. While it’s tempting to focus on the lowest cost per assembled board, there are several factors that impact your end result:

  • Quality
  • Timing
  • Communication
  • Capabilities
  • Tariffs/shipping costs
  • Reliability 
  • Security

We created a checklist to help you evaluate potential PCB assembly providers. Download How to Choose a PCB Assembly Company

40 years of vcc new pcba facility
panel mount indicator with custom connectors

Custom Wire Connectors + Harnesses Streamline Production

Why outsource the installation of connectors when VCC can do it in house? Our custom connection solutions empower OEMs to:

  • Combine the final two steps of production
  • Maintain process control
  • Reduce manufacturing costs
  • Streamline your supply chain
  • Reduce the number of vendors 

Choose from a range of connectors (or provide your own): 

  • 2-position
  • Crimp housing
  • Wire-to-wire
  • Micro-Fit Dual Row
  • Micro-fit Rectangular Power Connector

With North American production, our value-added services provide additional benefits of speed, cost reduction, and enhanced transparency.

Only VCC has the skills, technology, and expertise to customize every aspect of your indicator design. Whether you need turnkey PCB assembly or an optimized light pipe design, we’re here to help you reach your goals on time, on budget, and in the most efficient ways possible.

Light Pipe Design Guide

PCB Assembly Design Guide

Status Light Guide

Ultimate Status Indicator Glossary

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