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What happens when the power goes out?

Direct Incandescent bulb for emergency situations

CL Series

Watertight LED indicator designed for extreme, harsh and outdoor environments

Custom Solutions

We offer custom design & manufacturing capabilities

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VentoFlex - Cutting & Trimming Guide - Customizable Lighting System

Learn how to trim and cut VentoFlex tile

VentoFlex - Installation & Mounting Guide - Flexible Modular Lighting System

Learn how to install and mount VentoFlex tiles

VentoFlex - Connecting Guide - Customizable Lighting System

Learn how to connect VentoFlex tiles

VentoFlex Parts Overview - Customizable LED Lighting System

Parts overview of VentoFlex tiles

CNX D Connector

How to do a panel mounting for a 5mm bi-color LED with a CNX D Connector

CNX 460 Connector

Learn how to panel mount a 10mm LED with VCC’s CNX 460 socket

PCH Series

Learn how to install the PCH Series – LED PCB Mount

Quick-turn Prototypes

In-house prototype capabilities helps us get samples out fast.

CNX 440 Socket

How to mount a bi-color tri-lead LED to a panel using VCC’s patented CNX 440 socket

10mm LED with HMS 462 Lens

Learn to panel mount a 10mm LED with HMS 462

Flexfire Fiber-optic Light Pipes

Learn how to incorporate VCC’s Flexfire fiber-optic light pipe system into your application

5mm LED with CLB 300 Lens

How you can easily panel mount a 5mm LED using one of VCC’s panel lenses

Product Series Videos

CD Series

.236′′ (6.0mm) LED Indicator, IP67 sealed and Vandal Resistant

LPCR Series

0.171” (4.34mm) Press Fit, Low Profile, Vertical Rigid Light Pipe

DSM7T Series

Thin Surface Mount Single Digit 7-Segment LED Numeric Display

CCLB Series

Designed for extreme, harsh and outdoor environments. Fits panel hole diameter: 0.319” (8.10mm)


0.688” (17.5mm) Low Profile Sealed Waterproof LED FlexVolt Panel Mount Indicator

CDLB Series

IP67 Sealed Long-body LED Indicator. Fits panel hole diameter: 0.236′′ (6.0mm)

40 Series

0.250” LED panel mount indicator available in Single -, Bi- or Tri-Color LED combinations


IP67 Harsh Environment LED Panel Mount Indicator


Bend the Rules of Lighting Design with VentoFlex Tiles

CSM Series

Illuminated capacitive Touch Sensor Display

New PML50 Series

The PML50 Series panel mount indicator with FlexVoltTM technology feature built-in ultra bright LED with a unique optical low profile lens.

T-2 LED Lamp

Slide based LED lamps delivers reliable, long life and preferable indication

T-3 1/4 LED Lamp

High intensity LED offering with fresnel lens for improved visibility

CTH Series

Capacitive Touch Sensor Display

Dual AC/DC LED Lamp

Versatile 9watt Led Bulb for Dual AC/DC Operation

CNX 120VAC Series

CNX Series LED Panel Mount Indicator Series to Include 120VAC Versions

LTH Series

LTHxMM12V Series with high intensity light output and built-in resistor for 12V

DSM Series

With the industry’s thinnest 7-segment displays, VCC’s new ultra thin SMD displays are 45% thinner than standard SMD displays

L63 Series

3mm diffused LED indicator with a robust body and round protruding LED position that offers a viewing angle up to 50 degrees

6300T Series

Right Angle LED Circuit Board Indicator – Surface Mount Device

L65 Series

5mm LED indicator with an innovative reflector that maximizes light output and distribution

1092 Series

0.500″ Panel Mount LED Indicator delivers excellent visibility

CNX714 Series

High Voltage LED Indicator – IP67 rated

FLXR Series

FLXR Series Ruggedized Flexible Light Pipes have a robust anodized aluminum body

CNX722 Series

CNX 722FV Series 0.866” (22mm) Ruggedized LED FlexVoltTM Panel Mount Indicator.

LPCR Series

Low profile light pipe that reduces glaring and shadowing

PCL22 Series

The PCL Series high performance LED pilot light with advance light diffusion technology which eliminate hot spots

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Elektra 2018 Winner

VCC Takes Home 2018 Elektra European Electronics Industry Award

VCC Light Pipe FAQs - 1

Light Pipe Frequently Asked Questions

VCC Light Pipe FAQs - 2

Light Pipe Frequently Asked Questions

Custom Solutions

We offer custom design & manufacturing capabilities

Application: HMI Design

For intelligent HMI, blue is the new black

Application: High Tech Learning

High tech learning requires highly reliable indication

CSM Series Demo

Capacitive Touch Sensor LED Display

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Application: Portable Device

VCC light pipes empower productivity in portable device

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