Product Change Notices

Latest changes that affect the function, form or fit of a product

The following is a list of recent PCNs:

PCN592 Datasheet Update of 4305H5

PCN591 End Of Life (EOL) of the 4304H6 and 5100H6

PCN590 Datasheet Update of 4303F5

PCN589 End Of Life (EOL) of the PCV_880

PCN588 Datasheet Update of 4303F1

PCN587 End Of Life (EOL) of the 23-233TL

PCN586 Datasheet update of 4303F7

PCN585 End Of Life (EOL) of the VAOL-5LAE2

PCN584 MSL Rating Change of 200E-NWR

PCN583 End Of Life (EOL) of the CLP_129_BLK

PCN582 End Of Life (EOL) of the 139A Series

PCN581 Other (OTH) Lens Color Substitute for Specified Part Numbers

PCN580 End Of Life (EOL) of the 5160-458

PCN579 End Of Life (EOL) of the PR2

PCN578 End Of Life (EOL) of the 23-240PL

PCN577 End Of Life (EOL) of the CM1683

PCN576 End Of Life (EOL) of the 553-0111

PCN575 End Of Life (EOL) of the 60PSB-

PCN574 End Of Life (EOL) of the 3040

PCN573 End Of Life (EOL) of the 6200 Series

PCN572 End Of Life (EOL) of the NW9

PCN571 End Of Life (EOL) of the 7510A10 and 7513D2-S

PCN570 End Of Life (EOL) of the 7610D2

PCN569 End Of Life (EOL) of the 7611D2-L

PCN568 End Of Life (EOL) of the 53xxH Series

PCN567 End Of Life (EOL) of the VAOL-3EUV0Y4

PCN566 End Of Life (EOL) of the PC200 Series

PCN565 End Of Life (EOL) of the PC125 Series

PCN564 End Of Life (EOL) 7511A87 Series

PCN563 End Of Life (EOL) 5110F Series

PCN562 End Of Life (EOL) 5684F Series

PCN561 End Of Life (EOL) 7265

PCN560 End Of Life (EOL) of the CM00624xxx Series

PCN559 CMD264-UBD Datasheet Update

PCN558 End Of Life (EOL) of the SQB Series

PCN557 53xxH Series EOL Six Months

PCN556 End Of Life (EOL) of the 53xx Series

PCN555 End Of Life (EOL) of the 53xxN Series

PCN554 End Of Life (EOL) 7511A44

PCN553 MF61 Series EOL Six Months

PCN552 25P Series EOL Six Months

PCN551 139A Series EOL Six Months

PCN550 131A Series EOL Six Months

PCN549 End Of Life (EOL) of the 41xx Series

PCN548 End Of Life (EOL) of the 53xxT Series

PCN547 End Of Life (EOL) of the 5341xx Series

PCN546 End Of Life (EOL) of the 5694F Series

PCN545 End Of Life (EOL) of the 5693F Series

PCN544 End Of Life (EOL) of the 5600 Series

PCN543 End Of Life (EOL) of the 5300 Series

PCN542 End Of Life (EOL) of the 75xx Series

PCN541 Reversal of PCN 517 for PN: PMRL200W-BG5H-WT

PCN540 Reversal of PCN 517 for PN: PMRL200-BA28H-WT

PCN539 Material Change for the L63 and L65 Series

PCN538 End Of Life (EOL) 6S6DC/120V

PCN537 End Of Life (EOL) of the 6300T Series

PCN536 End Of Life (EOL) 7511G2C

PCN535 Design Change CNX722 Series

PCN534 End Of Life (EOL) of the CMW Series

PCN533 VCC part number 8-A233 EOL

PCN532 VCC part number LPCM_040_CTP EOL

PCN531 Change to the LPCM Series (NRND)

PCN530 VCC part number 4611 EOL

PCN529 5101H Series EOL Six Months

PCN528 Reversal of PCN 505 for PN:PMRL200-NWB28H-WT

PCN527 End Of Life (EOL) 131A-304R

PCN526 VCC part number 4308H1 EOL

PCN525 Reversal of PCN 517 for PN: MF200C-NWW5H

PCN524 Reversal of PCN 517 for PN: PR405W-BR24HD-R-

PCN523 LED VCC part number VAOB-10GADE2-C EOL

PCN522 LED VCC part number VAOL-5GAE4 EOL

PCN521 End Of Life (EOL) VAOS-A402S9-BW/50

PCN520 6200 Series EOL Six Months

PCN519 End of Life (EOL) 4000/3000 Series

PCN518 Obsolescence (EOL) of the SQL Series

PCN517 End of Life (EOL) VCC Price book Rev 1.S Effective Dec 1st 2020

PCN516 6200 Series EOL

PCN515 Reversal of PCN 505 for PN: PS90T-L92-NY-WT

PCN514 Reversal of PCN 329 for PN: CNX_C_X_2_1_08

PCN513 4302H Series Datasheet update

PCN512 Change to the 895L Series (NCNR)


PCN510 Datasheet update For LCS Series

PCN509 Datasheet update of 4304H6

PCN508 Reversal of PCN 332 for PN: LPR_030_CTP

PCN507 Raw Material Update

PCN506 PCN 506 Reversal of PCN 505 for PN: 7511G7

PCN505 End of Life (EOL) VCC Price book Rev1.R Effective jun 1 2020

PCN504 End Of Life (EOL) CMDA1CY7A1X

PCN503 End of Life (EOL) for MB200 Series

PCN502 Change to the CRM-2 Series (OBS)

PCN501 Datasheet Update of CC Series

PCN500 Change to the 1050 Series (NRND)

PCN499 Change to the CRM-0 Series (OBS)

PCN498 Change to the L34 Series (OBS)

PCN497 Obsolescence of most of CCLB tab terminal (2) Series (OBS)

PCN496 Obsolescence (OBS) of the CCLB 10mA Series

PCN495 Change of MSL of LEDs and CBIs (Various Part Numbers)

PCN494 LED VCC Part Number 5305H1/5 EOL

PCN493 1030 Series – Neon, 250VAC, Wire Leads – NRND

PCN492 LED VCC Part Number 4361H1/5 EOL

PCN491 Obsolescence (EOL) of BCLB Series (All Options)

PCN490 Obsolescence (EOL) of CL-1 Series with -I Termination

PCN489 Obsolescence (EOL) of CL-0 Series (Bi-Pin)

PCN488 Obsolescence (EOL) of CC-1 Series with -I Termination

PCN487 Obsolescence CMD333HR Series

PCN486 Obsolescence (EOL) of CC-1 Series with -S & -W terminations

PCN485 Obsolescence (EOL) of CC-0 Series (Bi-Pin)

PCN484 LED VCC Part Number 7016X3 EOL

PCN483 Datasheet update of 4300H1LC

PCN482 Obsolescence (EOL) of 1116 Series

PCN 481 Obsolescence (EOL) of 3117

PCN 480 Datasheet update of CMD95-21VGCTR10

PCN 479 Obsolescence(EOL) of CMD9322SRVGCTR8

PCN 478 Datasheet update of 715, 715AS15, 7220, 7219, 6838, 6022, 683. 680, 7218, AND 683AS15

PCN 477 Obsolescence(EOL) of Lamp 7009

PCN 476 Datasheet Change of 6010M, 6011M, 6012M, 6013M, 6091M, 6091M, and 1091A6 series

PCN 475 Datasheet update of multiple parts

PCN 474 Datasheet update of MB1333BK

PCN 473 Obsolescence (EOL) for STD Series

PCN471 Datasheet update of the L65 series

PCN470 Datasheet update of L59D and L59UD Series with Green LED

PCN469 Datasheet update of the L63 Series

PCN468 Datasheet update of 06-35, 06-19, and 940505X745CN

PCN467 DDP O Parts PN Change

PCN466 Design Change of PN 5100H1FL

PCN465 DDP Part Number Changes

PCN464 Obsolescence (EOL) for PN 5307A8

PCN463 Obsolescence (EOL) for PN CM00624455

PCN462 Obsolescence (EOL) for PN 32R-2131T

PCN461 Obsolescence (EOL) for CMD28-21VYC/TR8

PCN460 Reversal of PCN for PN LPS_030_CTP (PCN 332)

PCN459 Reversal of PCN for CMD9121SDRCTR10, CMD934CB/SGD, and CMD95-21VRCTR10 (PCN 455)

PCN458 Obsolescence (EOL) of P55650202

PCN457 Reversal of the PCN for 2190P96 (PCN # 329)

PCN456 Datasheet Update of 5310F Series

PCN455 Change of MSL of LEDs and CBIs (Various Part Numbers)

PCN454 Datasheet Update of 4306R Series

PCN453 Reversal of the PCNs for 3990A3, 4303F3, 5650F3, 5684F3_3_3_3, 5684F5_1_3_7 and 5690F53

PCN452 Obsolescence (EOL) of Lamp 1869

PCN451 Obsolescence (EOL) of L511 Series

PCN450 Datasheet Update of 5682F and 5684F Series

PCN449 Datasheet Update of CML_325_CTP and CML_327_CTP

PCN448 Addition of Certification Mark cURus for 23 Series

PCN447 Obsolescence (EOL) of CMDA1CG7A1Z

PCN446 Obsolescence (EOL) of 4308H5

PCN445 Datasheet Update 6321F Series

PCN444 Reversal of the PCN 332 for 7101P1-M

PCN443 Datasheet Update of 4304H6

PCN442 Obsolescence (EOL) for 2169

PCN441 Reversal of the PCN 329 for 2191QUX7-12V

PCN440 Datasheet Update of 131A Series and 139A Series Cliplite Lenses

PCN439 Obsolescence of CMC Series

PCN438 Datasheet Update for T-3 1/4 Miniature Bayonet and​ ​Screw​ ​Base

PCN437 Datasheet Update for 4303MC and 4304MC

PCN436 Obsolescence of 12-265

PCN435 Datasheet Update for 3990A Series

PCN434 Reversal of the PCN 329 for LPS_040_CTP

PCN433 Obsolescence of CMD383UBC and Datasheet Updated

PCN432 Datasheet Update for LFB and LFC Series

PCN431 Datasheet Update for L59U Series

PCN430 Obsolescence of CMC01Y and Datasheet Update

PCN429 Datasheet Update for CMD28-21 Series

PCN428 Obsolescence of 5600F3 and Datasheet Update

PCN427 Addition of Certification Mark cURus for 36, L36, 41 and L41 Series

PCN426 Datasheet Update for 6200T Series

PCN425 Obsolescence of 4302T3-5V, 5352T3-5V and 5372T3-5V

PCN424 Dimension and Tolerance Change FLXR

PCN423 Package Change for VAOD, VAOM and VAOS Series

PCN422 Addition of Certification Mark cURus for 961, 970 and 980 Series

PCN421 Obsolescence of 4752

PCN420 Obsolescence of 7511A35-4

PCN419 Obsolescence of 4302F3-5V, 5110F3-5V, 5602F3-5V

PCN418 Obsolescence of 7511G2

PCN417 Obsolescence of CMD2821VRCTR8T1 and CMD2821VYCTR8T1

PCN416 Obsolescence of CMD264-UBC

PCN415 Obsolescence of CMD2821VGCTR8T1

PCN414 Addition of Certification Mark UR for 04 Series

PCN413 Datasheet Update CNX722FV Series

PCN412 Change of Country of Origin CTH Series

PCN411 Obsolescence of 10-Pack Lamps

PCN410 Addition of Certification Mark UR for 45 and L45 Series

PCN409 Addition of Certification Mark UR for 75 and L75 Series

PCN408 Addition of Certification Mark cURus for 4700A and 4702A Series

PCN407  Addition of Certification Mark CE – 32 Series Quick Disconnect Terminal Neon and Incandescent Lamps

PCN406  Addition of Certification Mark cURus for 6010 and 6091 Series

PCN405 Obsolescence of CMD17-21UBC/TR8

PCN404  Addition of Certification Mark CE for 31 Series Tab Terminal

PCN403 Datasheet Update of 5300H, 5302H and 5308H Series

PCN402  Addition of Certification Mark cURus for 2000’s Series

PCN401 Datasheet Update of LFB and LFC Series

PCN400 Datasheet Update of CTH Series

PCN399 Obsolescence of STD_450_BLK

PCN398 Datasheet Update of 5100 Series

PCN397 Datasheet Update of CNX718 Series

PCN396 Obsolescence of CM1988-SB and CMP100

PCN395 Design Change of VAOL-5GSBY4

PCN394 Design Change of 2330D Series

PCN393 Datasheet Update of 960 and 961 Series

PCN392 Datasheet Update of CMD17-21 Series

PCN391 Moisture Sensitivity Level Change for Several Part Numbers

PCN390 Regulatory Information Update for 2120 and 2121 Series

PCN389 Regulatory Information Update for 900 Series

PCN388 Obsolescence of CNX722N (Clear Body)

PCN387 Datasheet Update of L58 Series

PCN386 Datasheet Update of 6063 and 6073 Series

PCN385  Addition of Certification Mark cCSAus – 1000’s Series Panel Mount Indicators

PCN384 Obsolescence of SN3486 and STD_450_BLK

PCN383 Design Change of 4304MC

PCN382 Design Change of 23-233TL

PCN381 Obsolescence of VAOL-S8SYGC-2012511-C

PCN380 Obsolescence of CMD333UGD

PCN379 Design Change of 4302H3-5V, 5101H3-5V, 5102H3-5V, 5302H3-5V and 5380H3-5V

PCN378 Design Change of 4304H Series

PCN377 Obsolescence of 16-77R-1

PCN376 Reversal of PCN345

PCN375 Obsolescence of 5665 Series

PCN374 Reversal of PCN329 and Relaunch of 2195A4-27V

PCN373 Obsolescence of 462x, 463x Series

PCN372 Obsolescence of STDxxxBLK Series

PCN371 Design Change of 5300H Bicolor

PCN370 Design Change of CMD67-22 Series

PCN369 Cosmetic Design Change of CNX Series

PCN368 Cosmetic Design Change of 5400 Series

PCN367 (See PCN453)

PCN366 Cosmetic Design Change of 4301F15/17

PCN365 Obsolescence of 28-07

PCN364 Quantity change on the reel VAOL-S4SB4

PCN363 Cosmetic Design Change of 5400A Series

PCN362 Obsolescence of 10-Pack Lamps

PCN361 Obsolescence of VAOB-5H2 Series

PCN360 Obsolescence of 6255T Series

PCN359 Obsolescence of Listed Lampholders and Lamps

PCN358 Obsolescence of 02-14XP63A

PCN357 Obsolescence of 10-Pack Lamp

PCN356 Obsolescence of STDxxxBLK Series

PCN355 Obsolescence of 7511A89-7A

PCN354 Design Change of 431X Series

PCN353 Obsolescence of STDxxxBLK Series

PCN352 Obsolescence of 10-Pack Lamp

PCN351 Obsolescence of 4303F3

PCN350 Obsolescence of STDxxxBLK Series

PCN349 Cosmetic Design Change of 5350T/5352T Series

PCN348 Acquisition CML’s Multi-Market Division

PCN347 Obsolescence of Silicone Filter Boots

PCN346 Obsolescence of STDxxxBLK Series

PCN345 Refer to PCN376

PCN344 Obsolescence of STDxxxBLK Series

PCN343 Obsolescence of PCH, PCL, PCR and PCV Series

PCN342 Obsolescence of PCH, PCL, PCR, PCV, STDxxxBLK Series

PCN341 Obsolescence of 4610 and 5680F5/7_6

PCN340 Obsolescence of STDxxxBLK Series

PCN339 Obsolescence of Lampholders and Sockets

PCN338 Obsolescence of Listed LEDs, Circuit Board Indicators and Bi-Pin Lamp Sockets

PCN337 Obsolescence of CMDA1, CMDA5, VAOP-EWS Series LEDs

PCN336 Obsolescence of 36U, L36U Series

PCN335 Obsolescence of 2410D4 Series

PCN334 Obsolescence of Listed Lamps

PCN333 Obsolescence of Listed Lamps

PCN332 Obsolescence of Listed Lightpipes

PCN331 OBS 281X, 285X Series

PCN329 Obsolescence of Listed Panel Mount Indicators

PCN328 Obsolescence of 432X, 433X, 437X Series

PCN327 Obsolescence of Listed Lamps and Indicators

PCN04262013MS01 Obsolescence of Listed Lamps

PCN130812VG01 Obsolescence of VAOL-3GUV8Y4 Series

PCN070813MN01 Obsolescence of VAOS-5050RGB-W1

PCN062113KH01 Obsolescence of VAOL-S19337RGB


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