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Flexible Modular Lighting System

Connect up to 10 or 15, 12″x12″ VentoFlex LED tiles on a Class 2 LED Driver

Featuring a flexible PC board, VentoFlex delivers seamless backlighting, even in challenging interior spaces

LSM0603 Series

Low Profile SMD LED

Available in a range of colors: red, white, green, blue and yellow making it ideal for status indication

The LSM0603 Series is a cost-efficient solution for low-power and compact electronic equipment designs

1092 Series

Blue LED Panel Mount Indicator

Lens Option: Hi Hat, Hi Dome, Semi Dome and Small Dome

1092 Series with high brightness LED offers daylight visibility and enhances the user experience by enabling fast operation of the device

90 Series

LED Panel Mount Indicator

Cartridge, Bi-Pin and Wire Lead Termination Option

When your equipment demand low cost, quick installation or a watertight panel mount indicator

P80 Series

LED Panel Mount Indicator

Designed to Enhance the LED Contrast

Low power consumption and long life – uses significantly less energy than an incandescent indicator

DSM7T Series

Thin 7-Segment LED Display

Specially designed for an automatic pick-and-place mounting process to reduce production costs

Offered with an excellent character appearance

CSM Series

Illuminated capacitive Touch Sensor Display

Simplifies Device Design and Manufacturability

Improves the device’s overall reliability for use in various applications

PML50 Series

LED, FlexVolt, IP67

Panel Mount Indicator – Daytime Visibility

Easy Installation in Harsh Environments

L63 Series

Robust LED Panel Mount Indicator

LEDs achieve full brightness in microseconds Ideal for use in applications that are subject to frequent on­/off cycling.

DSM7U Series

Ultra Thin 7-Segment LED Display

The surface mountable single-digit display utilizes patented technology to deliver a thickness of only 0.083” (2.10mm)

Available in four (4) different digit height and in super bright red or pure green colors.

LPCR Series

Press Fit, Low Profile Light Pipe

High Excellent Optical Appearance and Easy Installation

Enhances Display Quality in a Cost-effective

L65 Series

LED Panel Mount Indicator

Achieves brightness in microseconds Ideal for new and retrofit designs in a wide range of applications

LTH Series

LED with built-in resistor for 12V

High intensity light output

Simplifies design and manufacturability, and improves the device’s overall reliability

CNX 714 / 722 Series

High Voltage Indicator, IP67

Panel Mount Indicator – Series to include 120VAC versions

Ruggedized LED Indicator Series

FLXR Series

Flexible light pipe7

Robust anodized aluminum body delivers NEMA 4 protection from the elements ESD protection and resistance to shock and vibration

1092 125VAC Series

LED Panel Mount Indicator

1092 Series now also available in 125 VAC

Snap-in mounting makes installation easier and reduces assembly time and cost

CTH Series

Capacitive Touch Sensor Display

Simplifies Device Design and Manufacturability

Provides a fast and intuitive interface for users and simplifies customers interactions.

CNX Series

Build Your Own Indicator

Easily configurable to any LED panel mount application

Solderless assembly, saves time and money

6300T Series

Circuit Board Indicator

Right Angle LED Circuit Board Indicator Surface Mount Device

Specifically designed for surface mounting and is compatible with automatic placement equipment

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