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For 40+ years, VCC has earned its reputation as an industry leader in illuminated components. And panel mount indicators are one of our core offerings to clients around the world. For many clients, our robust selection of standard PMIs is more than enough to satisfy their requirements. But, if a modification to any indicator is needed, we deliver custom solutions you and your end-users can rely on while saving you time and production costs.

Let’s work together to customize your PMI by modifying the following features and beyond:

PMI Design Guide

Panel Mount Indicator Design Guide

Wire Lengths
ip rating vcc led panel mount indicator
Moisture Ratings
Terminal Style
Viewing Angle
pml50 series
Single, Bi-color, or Tri-color LEDs

We offer several ways to get your unique PMI specifications met, including:

  • Build Your Own Indicator option
  • Minor modifications to existing indicators 
  • Fully customized PMI design
  • Wire harnessing for standard or custom PMIs

No matter your product or application, we have the know-how, resources, and production capabilities to meet or exceed your requirements  — and, more importantly, your expectations.

Need help specifying your PMI?

Read PMI Design Guide

Build Your Own Panel Mount Indicator

We make it simple to customize your panel mount indicator in many ways with our Build Your Own Indicator option. Using a variety of cable assemblies, you can tweak everything from wire length to LED color and terminal to create the perfect fit for your device and application. 

Build Your Own Indicator features include:

Available in 3mm, 5mm, or 10mm LEDs
1,000+ configurations available
Solderless assembly
Assortment of options for moisture resistanc
Fresnel rings allow for 360 viewing and high visibility
Ability to add multiple LED sockets to a single connector

Ready to Build Your Own Indicator?

Existing Product Tweaks + From Scratch Solutions

For products and applications outside the Build Your Own Indicator options, our experienced team can quickly help you identify which standard products to modify in the most efficient ways possible. Or, if a fully customized design is needed, we have the skills, equipment, and resources to execute those as well. 

It all starts with a conversation to understand your unique needs. 

  • We ask the right questions early on in the process.
  • We think through your entire production and assembly processes and look for opportunities to streamline production, simplify the interface, and reduce costs.
  • We apply decades of industry knowledge in optical, electrical, and mechanical design to develop the ideal indicator(s) for your device.

Our multidisciplinary team is here to help you find the ideal panel mount indicator for your device. It’s about more than selling you a PMI — it’s about solving your design challenges in the most efficient and user-friendly ways possible.

Ready to chat about your PMI project?

Streamline Production With Our Wire Harnessing Services

No need to send your PMIs to yet another supplier to attach essential connectors or wire harnesses. We can do that for you at our in-house production facility to save you time while streamlining your supply chain. 

Our custom connector and harnessing services include:

Cable Crimping
Heat Shrink Tubing
Final Product Assembly

Whether you choose from our selection of  2-position, wire-to-wire, crimp housing, micro connectors or want to supply your own, VCC can help you maximize efficiencies by adding them to your indicators and simplifying a step or two in production. Explore our custom wire services.

Certified Production Facility. Guaranteed Quality

Our North American production facility ensures you’ll get to market faster and reap the following benefits:

  • Tariff-free delivery
  • Supply chain security
  • IP protection
  • Savings on shipping costs
  • Reduced number of suppliers
  • Highest level of quality

Registered to the ISO 9001 2015 Quality Management System, quality measures for our design, development, manufacturing, delivery, and other processes have been verified by third-party audits. Additional industry certifications include:

ul logo
CSA logo

Learn more about our regulatory compliance.

A Proven Partner in Custom PMI Design

VCC has extensive experience in helping clients improve the reliability and efficiency of their panel mount indicators while maximizing efficiencies. Here are a few examples of our diverse industry expertise in action:

VCC ventless grill case study LED indicator


Our team delivered the ideal solution for one diesel aircraft generator — a rugged PMI with flexible voltage and an additional resistor for EMI shielding. Read case study.

VCC ventless grill case study LED indicator


Our Build Your Own Indicator option was perfect for this laser spot welding and drilling machine — an IP67-rated PMI with customer-specified terminals. Read case study.

VCC ventless grill case study LED indicator


An LED retrofit was only part of the solution for this power generating station — we also streamlined the control panel by converting two indicators into one bi-color PMI. Read case study.

VCC ventless grill case study LED indicator


Our team modified an innovative LED PMI to 250V for one ventless grill manufacturer, simplifying the BOM and eliminating the need for an additional converter. Read case study.

VCC ventless grill case study LED indicator


VCC’s experts delivered a custom solution for this manual electric starter that included upgrading four neon indicators to LEDs with varying voltages. Read case study and our team also delivered a 2-LED and 3-LED assemblies and attached a client-provided connector for this portable MIG welder. Read case study.

VCC ventless grill case study LED indicator


We developed an innovative NEMA 6-rated solution for a dental water laser manufacturer using our Build Your Own Indicator option. Read case study.

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