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What the Future of Manufacturing Looks Like

COVID-19 has greatly impacted life as we know it in many ways. To combat the virus itself, many OEMs and manufacturers are joining forces to quickly produce PPE, respirators, and other life-saving equipment. Even companies who are completely out of the medical space are stepping up, and we’ve seen customers who normally use our panel mount indicators to make air conditioners shifting gears to make ventilators.

At VCC, we created Crisis ColLAB, an initiative that provides our design and prototyping expertise free of charge to medical companies supplying the front lines. However, medical professionals and OEMs aren’t the only ones in this fight… As companies look for ways to ensure their own survival, mitigating risk of disruption to their supply chain will climb to the top of the priority list.

What will the economic recovery look like? A recent Reuters poll of more than 50 economists revealed predictions the global economy could shrink as much as 6% or grow up to 0.7% by the end of 2020. While no one can pinpoint exactly how long it will take for the economy to ramp back up, we can be certain that manufacturers in all industries are looking for ways to avoid costly delays in the production of their products.

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VCC President, Andy Zanelli, sheds some light on the future of manufacturing

How VCC and Other Innovators Are Leading The Charge

A seismic shift from offshoring to nearshoring is predicted to minimize risks of supply chain disruption. This topic is of particular importance in the electronics industry, where even OEMs without production facilities in China likely still have multiple suppliers based there. 

To address how electronics manufacturers can strengthen their supply chains in ever-changing times, Insomnicat Media recently hosted a webinar titled, “The Future of Manufacturing in the United States.”

During this panel discussion, leaders from forward-thinking companies like VCC discussed what manufacturing could look like soon — and what offshoring companies should consider doing now.

Panelists include:

Andrew Zanelli

Andrew Zanelli

President, VCC

Michael Knight

Michael Knight

SVP Business Development, President TTI Semiconductor Group

Seth Denson

Seth Denson

Co-Founder, GDP Advisors

Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson

President, LMA Consulting Group

During the panel discussion, these four experts weigh in on:

  • Industry trends they’ve seen in response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Which countries are viable options for moving operations out of China
  • What companies should focus on now, rather than playing “wait and see”
  • The benefits of nearshoring for PCB assemblies and more complex electronic components
  • And much more

Participating in this webinar is one of the many ways VCC is committed to helping OEMs adapt and thrive in a manufacturing environment that may look very different than it did in late 2019.

Well-Positioned for Whatever Tomorrow Brings

VCC customers and distributors have come to rely on our innovative products, custom capabilities, and value-added services that drive even greater efficiencies.

Long before any of us thought about the supply chain revolution the coronavirus pandemic would bring, we strategically set up North American manufacturing facilities just across the border in Mexico. In doing so, we help our clients take advantage of:

  • Skilled, cost-effective labor
  • Faster delivery times
  • Enhanced communication with experienced designers
  • Tariff-free production and delivery
  • Greater reliability

Discover how nearshore manufacturing can strengthen your supply chain

watch the pre-recorded webinar on the future of manufacturing.
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