Custom Wire Harness

We offer custom wire harness for your panel mount indicators

We Can Install The Connectors For You

Why send your PMIs somewhere else for wire-to-wire connections? VCC can add crimped connections to your panel mount indicators (PMIs) and combine two final steps into one seamless transaction.

Ideal for low and high production levels, our crimped connection solutions allow for easy process control and reduced manufacturing costs while delivering the highest quality. Crimped connectors also provide manufacturers with the flexibility to roll out upgrades or modifications into existing product designs. VCC delivers efficiencies in production through value-added services including: 


  Cable crimping
  Final product assembly

Our crimped connection solutions empower OEMs to take advantage of production efficiencies without skimping on quality. Plus, they provide the added flexibility to roll out modifications or upgrades with ease.


Custom Solutions

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Connector Options

Skip soldering and let VCC install modular wire-to-wire connectors to your panel mount indicators. From assembly and manufacturing to repair and maintenance, connectors are the most effective way to complete your circuits for less.

We offer a range of connector options, including:

2 Position Connector

Wire-to-Wire Crimp Housing

Crimp Housing Connector

Micro-Fit Connector - Dual Row

Micro Rectangular Power Connector

These are just some of the connections available to our customers. If you’re looking for additional options or have a specific connector in mind, contact us to see how we can help you save time and money in getting your products to market.

Don’t Just Connect… Protect Your Indicators

We can also add protective heat shrink tubing or braided sleeve over your wires to reduce damage from abrasion, corrosion, high-temperatures, or other potentially harmful factors. Our protective tubing also provides good electrical insulation. It’s one of the many ways we help OEMs maintain the highest levels of reliability and efficiency through a streamlined supply chain for all your needs.

pmi braided sleeve

North American Production Equals Greater Value

In addition to streamlining your production through our full-service capabilities, our nearshore location means you can also get a competitive edge with:

  Tariff-free transactions
  Shorter supply chains
  Faster delivery times
  Less risk of disruption or delay
  Reduced transportation and shipping costs
  Greater control and transparency from start to finish

With VCC, you can have it all. Innovation and impeccable quality, plus comprehensive savings to drive profits and enable growth.


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