To help facilitate the decisions that impact design, we’ve assembled the following list


There’s a lot to know about printed circuit boards and how they work. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions our team receives.

Design Service FAQs

VCC can take your design from problem to custom solution, whether you need prototyping, light simulations or other design services.

Light Pipe FAQs

To help designers and engineers make more strategic lighting decisions early on, here’s a list of frequently asked questions when it comes to light pipes.


Smarter illumination begins with early-stage indication decisions. Here’s a comprehensive list of FAQs about Panel Mount Indicators.

Nearshoring FAQs

 Discover the key differences between nearshoring and outsourcing to help make more informed supply chain decisions

dual ac/dc e26 a21 lamp


IP61-Rated AC/DC Utility LED Bulb for Emergency Lighting Applications. Here are some common questions regarding the emergency AC/DC utility LED bulb​.

Solder Pad Geometry

Configurations for your illumination. Looking for solder geometry for your surface-mount (SMT) LED? We’ve got you covered.

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