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A printed circuit board (PCB) is a board used to hold a chip or other electronic components. To accommodate various design needs, a PCB can be a single layer or consist of multiple layers. PCBs can also be single-sided or double-sided in design. Several PCBs can be linked in a single device, using either flexible or rigid connectors.

Our reliable PCB assembly offerings do more than optimize indication and light output — they do it in the most efficient and effective ways possible. We provide solutions that solve design challenges while minimizing production and assembly costs.

We can design and manufacture rigid and flexible PCBs up to four layers thick, ensuring conformance with UL, cUL, CE, RoHS, REACH and other regulatory requirements.


PCB Design Guide

PCB Assembly (PCBA) Design Guide

PCBA Design Options

PCBs can be either flexible or rigid in design

Illumination and indication with light pipes require precision and experience. Let VCC develop the printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) that provide the best outcomes for you and your end users. By designing the light pipes and the assembly, VCC can maintain greater control and customize a solution using as few LEDs as possible to achieve desired results. No matter the size of the project, we go all in, combining best practices and deep expertise to design the perfect PCBA solution for our clients.
Rigid PCBs are designed not to move, and typically cost less to manufacture than flexible PCBs.
Flexible PCBs or flex boards, are designed to move, twist and fold into the desired configuration, and can eliminate the need for connectors and other components, which can reduce overall production costs.

Core Capabilities

A complete North American manufacturer

Manufacturing Expertise

As a manufacturer of electronic components, our expertise in prototyping, tooling, plastics, electrical design, and parts assembly is unsurpassed.

To develop innovative solutions that add significant value to end products, we offer our customers the appropriate expertise:

• Expert engineers and designers
• High-quality and reliable HMI Components
• Lean production knowledge
• Conformance with CE, UL, cUL, RoHS, WEEE, and other standards
• Environmental Management System

Production and Supply Chain

VCC supports you in taking advantage of lower cost production labor while maintaining nearshore responsiveness.

Our North American production sites and distribution warehouses in North America, Europe, and Asia ensure the planning and production of products to ISO 9001.

• PCB design and manufacturing
• SMT placement, assembly and inspection
• Cable crimping, cutting, harnessing and final assembly
• Consistent processes at all locations, with integrated supply chain quality measures

Mechanical and Electrical Design

Once specifications have been approved, they form the basis for mechanical and electrical system design.

VCC works closely with you to prepare detailed drawings, parts lists, and circuit schematics. VCC helps you cut development times using rapid prototyping techniques for plastic components and PCBs.

• 3D CAD (Solidworks, AutoCAD)
• PCB design and simulation software
• Gerber file creation for PCB manufacturing
• Rapid prototyping (3D Printing

Quality Assurance and Testing

VCC has a dynamic total quality management system linked to all areas of our business.

Our products and systems undergo testing to assure reliability, repeatability and a long service life.

• Laboratory tests with appropriate software
• Environmental test chambers (temperature and humidity)
• Compliance to different levels of protection
• Testing the durability of individual components
• Optical simulation and analyses
• Final inspection on all products

Advanced Equipment Drives Better Outcomes

We combine the latest manual and automated techniques to ensure you get exactly what you need. But our advanced equipment and processes aren’t the only reasons to work with us.

  Solder Paste Application
  Automated Pick and Place Machines
  Automatic Dispensing Carts
  8-Zone SMT Solder Reflow Ovens
  Automatic Wave and Soldering Machine

  Advanced PCB and Stencil Cleaning Machine
  Advanced ESD Control System
  Conformal Coating Equipment
  Visual Scanning Microscopes
  Visual Camera for Quality Check


PCBA most frequently asked questions

Printed circuit board assemblies are the heart and soul of your human-machine interface. To help make the best design decisions early on, check out some of the most frequently asked questions.
1. What’s included in the total cost of a PCB order?
Many design factors will help determine the total cost of a PCB. For example, the size, number of layers, type of board laminate used, and the total number of boards produced can greatly impact the overall cost.
2. Which PCB types does VCC offer?
We can design and manufacture rigid and flexible PCBs up to four layers thick, ensuring conformance with UL, cUL, CE, RoHS, REACH and other regulatory requirements.
3. Which PCB services does VCC offer?
Our team offers a comprehensive suite of PCB services, including:

  • Custom design services to optimize output and indication
  • Rapid prototyping made even faster and cost-effective with our in-house 3D printer
  • Sample runs so you can easily test concepts and tweak designs
  • Mass production to efficiently accommodate large quantities

If you have additional questions, or are ready to discuss your next project, we’re here to help.

Contact us today for your PCB, PCA and PCBA needs.

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