CDLB Series

.236′′ (6.0mm) LED Indicator, IP67 sealed and Vandal Resistant

CDLB Series

The CDLB Series is designed to easily fit panel thickness of up to 6.50 mm. The front mount nickel-plated housing has a prominent bezel shape with a protruded LED which increases visibility in the panel.

Enables customers to design panels with this 3mm LED indicator to their own specifications, eliminating the need to change to larger LEDs to fit thick panels.

The rugged vibration and water-resistant LED indicators are well suited for a number of applications, including industrial control panels, transportation dashboards, instrumentation, main power indication, and aircraft/ military instrumentation.

Available with ultra bright (daylight visibility) LEDs that achieve full brightness in microseconds. Offered in five single colors: red, green, yellow, blue, and white.

“Long-body LED indicator fits thick panels with prominent bezel style for increased visibility – IP67 sealed and vandal resistant.”

Product Specification

Panel Hole Diameter

Ø 0.236′′ (6.0mm)


Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White


Nickel-plated Brass


5V to 48VDC; 120VAC


6′′ Wire Leads or Bi-pins



Quick Tips

• For panel hole diameter: 0.236′′ (6.0mm)
• Prominent bezel style LED indicator for increased visibility (3mm LED T-1)
• Long-body indicator (longer threads) which fit thicker panels up to .256′′ (6.5mm)
• Available in nickel-plated brass housing
• Available with ultra bright daylight viewing LEDs.
• Designed for the extreme, harsh and outdoor environment
• Sealed against moisture and dust (IP67)
• Optional resistor for 5V-28VDC and 120VAC
• Offered with 6′′ 24 AWG wire leads or bi-pins
• Available in five single illumination colors: red, green, yellow, blue, and white
• Viewing angle: 25 ̊-60 ̊ (depending on model)
• Mounting hardware provided: lock washer, hex nut and gasket seal
• Thread size: M6*0.75mm
• Resistant to vandal, shock and vibration
• Life Expectancy: 50,000 Average
• RoHS and REACH Compliant

Product Offering

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