New Product Introduction

LTH Series – LED with built-in resistor for 12V

VCC has Launched the LTHxMM12V Series

with high intensity light output

Quick Tips


  • The LTHxMM12V Series is a high brightness LED, equipped with a built-in resistor for 12V operation that enables easy design, and provides space saving benefit.
  • The through hole LED has a dome top with a water clear lens and is available in a range of colors (red, green, white, blue, yellow). The flange lead frame.
  • The LTHxMM12V Series offers superior light output for excellent readability in sunlight, dependable performance, and can be connected to 12V power supply without additional components
  • The LTHxMM12V high brightness LED series simplifies design and manufacturability, and improves the device‚Äôs overall reliability for use in a multitude of applications.


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