NPI Introduction

1092 125VAC Series

VCC Expands High-Brightness LED Panel Mount Indicator Series

To include 125VAC Version


Quick Tips


  • 1092 Series now also available in 125 VAC
  • Offered with a high brightness LED which delivers excellent visibility and achieves full brightness in microseconds – even in daylight viewing conditions
  • Snap in mounting makes installation easier and reduces assembly time and cost
  • Perfect choice for either new designs or upgrading existing applications due to its long lifespan, low energy consumption, fast on/off and low heat generation
  • Shock and impact vibration resistant offered with speed nut accessory which improve the reliability of  the equipment
  • Water, dust and oil resistant offered with O-ring gasket accessory which maximize life expectancy of the equipment and broad applications opportunities

Product & Accessory

Wire Leads

1092 Series Wire Leads

Tab Terminals

1092 Series Tab Terminals


1092 with gasket

Water, dust and oil resistant to maximize product life expectancy in many challenging environments


Speed Nut

1092 with speed nut

Shock, impact and vibration resistant for improved reliability


Data Sheets & Product Video


1092 Wire Leads Data Sheet Image1092 Tab Terminals Data Sheet image