LFBR Series 3mm (0.118”)

Reverse Panel Mount Press-Fit Rigid Light Pipes 

3mm light pipe ul 94 V-0

Our Newest 3mm Press-Fit Reverse Mount Light Pipes; Available in Flat & Domed Lens Shapes and Multiple Lengths.

VCC’s LFBR 3mm reverse mount light pipes with crushable ribs & press-fit installation deliver superior light transmittance and UV-ready performance.

3mm light pipe ul 94 V-0
3mm light pipe ul 94 V-0
3mm light pipe ul 94 V-0
Enhanced Optical Performance

Optical-grade polycarbonate for superior light transmittance & minimal light losses

Secure Reverse Mount System

These plug & play reverse mount rigid lightpipes are ideal when assembling from the back of the panel or working from the inside of the build

Engineer-Friendly Options

22 products available in flat and dome lens options. Available lengths from .100” to .830”

Heavy Duty Design & Harsh Environment Ready

UL94V-0, Halogen-free material and optimized resin system ensure mechanical & optical stability in high-temp, UV-exposed, and high-moisture conditions

Streamlined Installation & Assembly

Crushable press-fit ribs provide maximum stability while simplifying production & reducing overall costs

Designed for Versatility

Compatible with single and multicolor SMD LEDs, such as VCC’s SpectraBright, LSM, CMD17, VAOL series & other light sources


3mm light pipe ul 94 V-0

Product Overview

Mounting Hole

0.121” (3.07mm)


Flat or Domed profile with clear lens


Water Clear

Flammability Rating


Eco-Friendly Materials

Halogen-Free Polycarbonate


RoHS, Reach

Product Resources

3mm light pipe ul 94 V-0

LFBR Series 3mm Datasheet

vbl series rigid light pipe flyer

Product Flyer

3mm light pipe ul 94 V-0

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