The Direct Incandescent Replacement Designed for Emergency Situations

Meet the dual-action AC/DC Utility LED bulb versatile enough for demanding applications, including infrastructure, transportation, power plants, refineries, walkways, water treatment facilities, and emergency backup lighting.

Dual AC/DC LED Bulb Designed to Shine When All Else Fails

Emergency lighting is often an afterthought until the lights go out. When traditional power is unavailable because of a utility outage, backup lighting is required to run mission-critical operations while keeping owners and the general public safe. From the turbine to the subway tunnel, VCC’s IP61-rated AC/DC LED bulb was designed to deliver reliable illumination. Made with special circuit topology, the LED effortlessly transitions from the grid to backup inputs. Switching from AC to DC power during a power failure is only half of what this 9W LED bulb was made for — its IP61 rating means no water droplets or dust can impede performance, even in the worst conditions.

Two Standard Options
Choose from an IP61-Rated lamp or one without an IP rating.
SP160604W-50K – IP61 Rated
SP160604-50K – Non IP61 Rated


ip61 emergency led bulb dual ac dc
ip61 a21 emergency led bulb power plant

Power Plants

ip61 a21 emergency led bulb tunnel


ip61 a21 emergency led bulb parking garages

Parking Garages

ip61 a21 emergency led bulb train station

Transit Systems

ip61 a21 emergency led bulb emergency station

Emergency Stations

ip61 a21 emergency led bulb water treatment plant

Water Treatment Plants

One Versatile AC/DC LED. So Many Benefits.

a21 emergency led bulb generator ac dc

Dual Voltage = Die-Hard Reliability

Works seamlessly in AC or DC environments and can switch from the grid to battery backup:

  • 105 through 280 VDC 
  • 110 to 130 VAC
ip61 a21 emergency led bulb long life

Longer Lamp Life + Then Some

Most back-up bulbs are incandescent with an average life of only 1,000 hours. VCC’s direct incandescent replacement LED bulb lasts 50,000 hours to L80.
ip61 a21 emergency led bulb

IP61 Rating = No droplets. No dust.

What good is backup lighting that won’t work if it gets dirty or wet? Our IP61-rated lamp meets or exceeds emergency building codes for tunnels, transit, beacon lighting, and more.
half price a21 led emergency lamp

Half the Price of Alternative Lamps

Compared to similar AC/DC bulbs available, VCC’s dual 9W solution is 50% of the price per unit!
ip61 a21 emergency led bulb e26 jelly jar retrofit

Easy, No-Kit Retrofit

The lamp uses a standard base and shape, so installation is as simple as screwing in a light bulb to the existing socket — lens and reflector intact. Updating jelly jars, recessed cans and other enclosed fixtures no longer requires throwaway parts or additional steps.
low maintenance ip61 a21 emergency led bulb

Eliminate Downtime for Maintenance

The average facility spends 19 hours a week on scheduled maintenance. From the initial install to the 50,000-hour life, VCC’s LEDs remove the need for maintenance or bulb replacement. 
ip61 a21 emergency led bulb design

Advanced, Intuitive Technology

Temperature sensing and fold-back circuitry protect the LED from overheating, even in enclosed fixtures.

Engineered by Experts to Over-Deliver on Performance

ip61 emergency led bulb

Are only 9 Watts bright enough?

There are several reasons why VCC’s AC/DC LED is brighter than a standard 100W incandescent bulb.

  • Less power, more light: The LED equivalent to a 100W incandescent is 9-10W. This means better illumination for a fraction of the energy.
  • No filament to burn out: Because LEDs don’t use filaments like their incandescent counterparts, they don’t put out much heat. This also means they don’t lose infrared light like incandescents. Therefore, more of their light can be seen by the naked eye, making them appear brighter.
  • 2x the color temperature: most incandescents have a color temp of 2500-2700. VCC’s 9W LED is 5000K which provides greater contrast in darkness than a standard 100W incandescent.

“We developed the dual voltage bulb to solve the challenges associated with using LEDs for backup power. Its fold-in heat sink eliminates the issue of overheating. ”

Carlos Ramirez
Design Engineer, VCC

Emergency Backup Lighting Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

a21 emergency led light


You need emergency lighting and want to retrofit to long-lasting LED bulbs.


The good news is, you have choices:

  1. Hire an electrician and replace/rewire all of the fixtures in your facility.
  2. Purchase retrofit kits and hire a professional to install new LEDs with multiple steps and parts.
  3. Choose VCC’s AC/DC Utility LED and simply screw the new bulbs into existing fixtures without additional steps or hardware.

The choice couldn’t be clearer!

Easy retrofit + AC/DC operation + 50,000-hour bulb life + Energy savings = VCC’s AC/DC Utility LED Bulb

Dual Operation Meets Dual Protection

Emergency and beacon lighting is only as good as its reliability in harsh conditions. VCC’s AC/DC Utility LED is IP61-rated, meaning no water droplets or dust and debris can impact performance when it’s needed most. Multi-voltage capabilities and IP61 protection make this bulb the only one you need for uninterruptible power.
ip61 a21 emergency led bulb

Emergency Lighting System + So Much More

When the lights must stay on, LEDs provide reliable illumination. But only one lamp delivers all of these advantages in emergency conditions:


Dual AC/DC operation from 105 – 280 VDC and 110 to 130 VAC

Easy retrofit / upgrade
9W lamp does the job of a 100W incandescent and is simple to replace due to standard base
UL/CSA 1993 compliance
For fully-enclosed fixtures thanks to thermal sensors and dual-foldback circuitry
Guaranteed performance
5-year limited warranty (that’s two years longer than other AC/DC bulbs!)
emergency dual acdc bulb
9 watt a21 acdc led light bulb
Energy efficiency
Uses 1/10th the energy of a 100W and 1/20th the energy of a 200W incandescent
Shock-proof operation
The bulb’s solid-state design ensures protection during high-vibration applications
Eco-friendly design
RoHS compliance assures toxic materials were not used in manufacturing
Emergency lighting helps guide people to safety under the worst conditions. Blue light stations help pedestrians and motorists find the call box for emergencies. Without emergency lighting, parking lots become dangerous during outages. Power plants can’t afford to have their backup power systems fail.
ip61 a21 emergency led bulb easy retrofit
custom blue lens a21 led bulb
a21 emergency led bulb
a21 emergency led bulb

A21 Shape, E26 Base for easy retrofit

Custom lens or bulb colors available

Fits A19 shape too (depending on fixture dimensions)

No tools or parts — screw into existing E26 base

What happens if the power grid goes out?

With VCC’s AC/DC Utility LED light bulb, safety remains intact.

Two Standard Options. Custom Capabilities.

Choose from an IP61-Rated lamp or one without an IP rating.

  • SP160604W-50K – IP61 Rated
  • SP160604-50K – Non IP61 Rated

Customize Your Bulb

You can customize the following

  • Kelvin temperature
  • LED color
  • Lens Color


Have questions about the AC/DC Utility LED?



Is VCC’s Utility LED Bulb a true dual voltage AC/DC Lamp?

Yes, our AC/DC LED can operate in both AC and DC environments without having to rewire or make any additional adjustments. Unlike others who claim to be dual AC/DC but actually require additional steps to transition from one input to the other, VCC’s bulb was specifically developed by our team of engineering experts to deliver reliable performance with either input, as well as toggling between the two with no effort.  

What kind of base does the AC/DC Utility Bulb have?

VCC’s Dual AC/DC Utility LED lamp uses a standard E26 base. This means retrofitting incandescents with LED technology is as simple as screwing in a new bulb into the existing fixture. No tools required.

How bright is the AC/DC Utility Bulb — 9W doesn’t seem like enough?
While the bulb only uses 9 Watts, it has a luminous flux of 980 lumens, which is more than enough to illuminate tunnels, power plants and other areas where emergency backup lighting is needed.

Long Life + Low Maintenance

Discover how one power facility went from replacing 50 bulbs a year to only replacing one with VCC’s AC/DC Utility LED Bulb.

Ready to take emergency lighting to the next level?

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