PCL22 Series – 22mm LED Pilot Light

New Product Introduction

VCC has Launched the PCL22 Series

with Advanced Light Diffusion Technology

Quick Tips

  • The PCL Series high performance LED pilot light with advance light diffusion technology which eliminate hot spots.

  • High performance for industrial applications, with simple installation and simple integration for industrial controls and retrofit panel mount applications.

  • Diffused translucent lens provides uniform illumination and are designed for applications that require a wide viewing angle.

  • Available in five single colors: red, green, white, blue or yellow and in bi-color: red/green .

  • Ideal for critical applications where the presence of indications is crucial or where lamp replacement is difficult or costly.

  • As well as being dust and watertight to IP65 the pilot lights are vibration resistant.

Need a sample?

Product 12Volt and 24Volt

PCL22 Series


  • Panel hole diameter: 0.88” (22mm)
  • Screw Block
  • 2 Voltage options: 12VAC/DC and 24VAC/DC
  • Wide viewing angle
  • IP65 rated to protect panels against entry of dust and moisture
  • Single color: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, White
  • Bi-color: red/green
  • Double ‘D’ mounting hole to prevent rotation
  • Resistant to shock and vibration
  • Mounting hardware provided
  • Maximum installation torque: 221 ft-lb
  • Compliant with CE, CCC, RoHS and REACH requirements

Product Video

Product Flyer


PCL22 Series LED pilot light features advanced light diffusion lens technology that provides uniform illumination for applications that require a wide viewing angle


Ideal applications: control cabinets, industrial machinery, instruments panels, gaming machines, transportations dashboards, Industrial machinery


When your equipment demands accurate recognition regardless of external conditions.

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