CSM Series: Illuminated Capacitive Touch LED Sensor Displays

Forward-thinking capacitive backlit displays combine touch, color, and icons to elevate HMI design and eliminate size constraints.

VCC’s Capacitive Touch Sensors Take Illuminating Buttons to the Next Level

These small SMT solutions provide the perfect alternative to traditional, contact-based mechanical switches that wear out quickly.

With a 21st century take on physical buttons, the CSM sensors combine user feedback and a switch into a single input for streamlined design and more effective operation.

vbl series light pipe icon specifications 3mm diameter esd protection its used for smd led and comes in multiple lengths

Made for Maximum Design Flexibility

From icons to switches, the CSM Series was designed to remove the barriers holding you back from designing the best possible interface.
capacitive touch censor blue tooth module

Simplify the HMI with a Microcontroller/PLC

Connect the CSM to a microcontroller to simultaneously turn on the LED and signal a programmed event trigger such as turning on a relay that controls a motor. The CSM output interacts with the PLC input to signal the action.
csm series light dimmer example

Extend Life with a Standard Momentary Switch

Combine the CSM with a buffer/driver to act as a relay and better handle the load during operation while avoiding having to use a mechanical switch. This component will help handle the load connected to the CSM while driving the LED inside CSM at the same time. 
csm series audio box example

Improve Reliability with a Latching Switch

Pair the CSM with a buffer or flip-flop driver connected to its output to handle the relay for standard “on/off” latch operations without an actual mechanical switch that could wear down. The driver helps manage the load connected to the CSM and will drive the LEDs inside the sensor.
csm series overlay

Optional Overlay Icons Increase Safety

Humans process images 60,000 times faster than text, and icons will improve user operation. Add standard on/off, arrow, or alarm icons, or customize any design. The overlay used is durable and chemical-resistant.
csm series touched behind acrylic

Multiple Configurations Enhance Design

Choose to position the cap touch sensors on the HMI, or place them behind a thin glass or acrylic sheet for a sleeker, more modern aesthetic. The CSM can also be reverse mounted for additional design opportunities.
csm series rgb led colors

Streamline with Bi-Color or RGB LEDs

When using a microcontroller or PLC, a custom bi-color LED or series of RGB colors can be programmed to change color and trigger desired events on the device.

Capacitive Touch Is Only Part
of the Story

csm searies benefits and features

Compact + Innovative + So Much More.

Tiny Footprint. No Constraints.
Measuring only 15mm x 15mm x 3.20 mm, the series can combine multiple operator cues into a single, yet seamless LED sensor.
Reliable LED Technology
Advanced LED technology provides uniform illumination, high optical clarity, and long operating life in a range of standard colors. Custom colors are also available.
No Mechanical Switch = Longer Life
Replacing the mechanical switch with a durable cap touch sensor eliminates wear and tear while providing the power relay functionality.
SMT for Simplified Production

OEMs can take advantage of production efficiencies when using the surface-mount installation thanks to pick-and-place automation.

Interactive Control + Color Identification
Cap touch technology and color LEDs work together to ensure more effective control over the device and its functions.
Work Well in Various Working Conditions
The CSM sensors can be activated with a dry or damp hand, or when using touchscreen-compatible gloves.

Open Design Possibilities for All

3mm light pipe ul 94 V-0


csm series application solar energy


csm series application entertainment


csm series application industrial

Industrial Control Display

3mm light pipe ul 94 V-0


csm series application home automation

Home Automation

csm series application medical device

Medical Devices

csm series application thermostat


csm series application transportation


Real-World Solutions

The flexibility of the CSM Series makes it the right fit for modern devices that meet consumer expectations for ease of use, appearance, and performance.
uvo uv disinfection devices thumbnail

LED UV-C disinfection device

Safety is more important than ever these days. This disinfecting machine uses three CSM cap touch sensors with an overlay to provide a modern aesthetic and easy-to-use interface for cleaning masks and everyday objects.
csm series application thermostat

Smart home thermostat

One innovative OEM found the perfect illuminated backlit sensor with a standard arrow icon overlay. The device uses SMT technology to streamline production while providing a mechanical-component-free solution that won’t wear down or break while providing intuitive operation.

Award-Winning Technology

The CSM Series took home “Passive and Electromechanical Product of the Year” at the prestigious 2018 Elektra European Electronics Industry Awards for its game-changing flexibility and compact size.
2018 elektra award winner csm
uvoji small logo

“VCC’s CSM Series is exactly what we needed. Innovative capacitive sensors that could be easily customized with icon overlays for a sleek aesthetic and optimal user experience. The production efficiencies are a bonus!”

Benjamin Behague Uvoji

Product Specifications


Integrated touch-sensing and display technology

Touch Sensor

Integrated circuit (IC)

Mounting Type

Surface-mount (SMD) with option to reverse mount

Optional Overlay

On/off, arrow, alarm


Pure green, yellow, deep red, blue, white (custom colors also available)




csm datasheet thumbnail red

CSMS15CIC01 (Red)

csm datasheet thumbnail green

CSMS15CIC05 (Green)

csm datasheet thumbnail blue

CSMS15CIC06 (Blue)

csm datasheet thumbnail white

CSMS15CIC04 (White)

csm datasheet thumbnail yellow

CSMS15CIC07 (Yellow)

csm datasheet thumbnail overlay

CSM Series Overlay

Product Resources

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CSM Product Flyer

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CSM Product Offering

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