Cloud services such as Cloud Computing, Back-up, Productivity, Administration and more have been skyrocketing in popularity over the last few years. It’s an exciting technology shift that provides businesses, especially smaller businesses, with the flexibility and accessibility to acquire services that can boost growth at a moments notice. It is no longer necessary to wait until more full-time employees can be hired or facilities built, thereby stifling expansion and causing stress at the thought of laying off those employees if the expansion is temporary or growth levels off.

VCC has been a participant in allowing companies this option in the Engineering field. Our value-added services allow you to increase your Engineering Infrastructure with little more than a phone call or e-mail. We enable you to leverage the power and economic benefits of cloud resources to solve engineering problems by providing design support, rapid prototyping, manufacturing services, supply chain connections and global logistics to move you forward.

The benefits of Engineering from the Cloud are many, including:

Reduced Costs: In any economic climate, especially today’s, there is a drive to reduce costs. Contracting additional Engineering services from the cloud will meet this goal by permitting you to hire additional staff to perform various services without bringing them into your facility on a full-time basis. This saves the cost of insurance, training and other benefits, as well as finding the space to house them in your offices

Shorter Time-to-Market: Hiring an expert with knowledge of your product and field will help decrease the time it takes to design, develop and manufacture a new product, enhanced feature or develop a fix for a current feature.

Elasticity: Engineering services in the cloud allow more than just scalability, they offer elasticity. You can quickly scale up or down quickly to meet the demands of the market whether they are expected or unexpected.

Availability: Our value-added services are available at any time. When a sudden increase in design or production is needed, when additional supply and logistics demands are required, cloud services are readily attainable and can be accessed at will.

  • Expansion of Market Share: Cloud based Engineering and Production services help you expand without a large increase of capital investment.
  • When contracting our value-added services from the cloud, it is important to do the following in order to achieve optimum results:
  • Develop a strategy early in the process to migrate data and design information from your current platform to VCC.
  • Plan and discuss performance, security, reliability and availability expectations and requirements at the beginning of the project cycle.
  • Work with VCC to adopt a set of procedures that assure high visibility, traceability and control to maintain communication between companies and allow seamless integration.

Our expert engineering, production, supply and global logistics experts are available around the clock to discuss your needs and how we can be instrumental in helping you achieve your goals. Contact VCC today for more information on the quality, speed and cost involved in implementing our services to increase your efficiency and profitability.