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LED Lamps

T-1 3/4 Sub-Miniature Lamps

T-2 Slide Based Lamps

T-3 1/4 Miniature Lamps

T-4 1/2 Candelabra Lamps

SL3 Stack Light Lamps

1835 replacement/GE-ET-16

Custom Annunciator Replacement Lamps

Bolt-On PMI

.230″ Mount

.312″ Mount

17/32″ Mount

11/16″ Mount

Snap-in PMI

156″ Mount

.250″ Mount

.50″ Mount

Cartridge PMI

190″ Mount

.250″ Mount

.290″ Mount

.312″ Mount

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Full-Line Product Catalog

Design Capabilities Brochure

Powerline Catalog

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