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VCC Featured in US-Tech for Innovative Emergency LED

For years, bulb manufacturers have tried to solve the long-standing industry challenge of creating a better emergency backup lamp… One that could work seamlessly from the grid to the battery or generator without overheating in enclosed spaces. To help share the story of our solution, our VP of Sales wrote a feature article for US-Tech, titled, “Developing Backup Emergency LED Bulbs for Industrial Applications.”

Traditionally, Tungsten bulbs were used for emergency applications. But they left much to be desired, since these incandescents:

  • Have a very short operating life
  • Require a lot of battery power 
  • Tend to explode when switching from AC to DC power  
  • Are unreliable in actual emergencies
  • Demand full-time maintenance from facility managers 

When Brad Jolly, Marketing & Product Manager at IRWIN Industrial, approached us to tackle the issue of a better AC/DC bulb for Canada’s largest thermal electricity generating plant, we knew this was no easy task. However, responding to market needs is one of our priorities. 

So our engineering team developed an AC/DC utility bulb to be a direct incandescent replacement for emergency lighting. Thanks to a unique fold-back circuitry in the design, the AC/DC utility lamp works well in enclosed spaces for years and years without overheating. This custom LED design is available for all industries to alleviate the headaches incandescent backup bulbs bring.

emergency dual acdc bulb
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“Our relationship with VCC is a true partnership.
They committed to creating the best AC/DC LED available and delivered”

Brad Jolly
Marketing & Product Manager, IRWIN Industrial

Making the Best Even Better

However, we didn’t stop at the advanced lamp we already created. When Jeff Roberts of Midwest Mid/West Company reached out with a custom request for an IP61-rated version of the emergency LED, we sprang into action to develop a more ruggedized version. 

Now, our AC/DC bulb is suitable for additional emergency applications where dust and moisture could otherwise impede performance, such as transit or roadway tunnels. It’s one of the many ways VCC responds to our market, customers, and distributor partners to drive our products and the industry forward.

Read the Full Story of How We Created Our AC/DC Utility Lamp in US-Tech’s Feature

"Developing Backup Emergency LED Bulbs for Industrial Applications"
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