SAN DIEGO, CA , April 02, 2018

Visual Communications Company (VCC), the global leader in illuminated products is pleased to announce its partnership with English Technical Sales (ETS).

With a 12-person team, ETS will act as manufacturer’s representative for VCC, providing sales and technical support throughout Southern California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, as well as along the border.

The partnership enables ETS to offer a comprehensive suite of LED solutions through VCC’s product line — a recognized leader in the industry. Focused on value-added engineering design and development, ETS will offer its consultative support to help provide standard and custom indication for customers in industries ranging from industrial and medical to transportation, food service and aerospace.

VCC’s illuminated products will be available through ETS effective April 2nd 2018. Learn more about VCC’s product portfolio here.

VCC is pleased to announce the new partnership of English Technical Sales for both the Southwest Territory and Southern California. English Technical Sales has been actively developing a strategic initiative to offer a breadth of lighting and illumination technology to their customer base.

Debora Gray

Director of Sales, VCC

With English Technical Sales partnership with VCC we are now supporting illuminated electronic components for a variety of segments, including aerospace, food service, people movers, transportation, medical, telecom and industrial. Our technical sales team can now offer custom and standard solutions with VCC’s design engineering expertise, superior customer service and the broadest product line in the industry to exceed user experience.

Cameron English

President, English Technical Sales

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