3mm press-fit light pipe for surface mount led

22 Length Options Deliver Design Versatility & Superior Opto Performance in All Environments

SAN DIEGO, CA (March 20, 2024) — Visual Communications Company (VCC), a recognized global leader in the illuminated electronics market with advanced indication and HMI solutions, recently announced its LFBR Series 3mm Reverse Mount Press-Fit Rigid Light Pipes.
These innovative reverse panel mount light pipes provide optimized light transmittance in regular and harsh environments. Built with a special long-life resin system, they are also UV ready, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, including:
● Industrial
● Maritime, oil & gas
● Automation & controls
● Instrumentation
● Transportation
● Robotics

VCC’s LFBR Series provides design engineers and OEMs with a range of benefits:

● Enhanced performance – made with optical-grade polycarbonate, the series reduces light losses while providing superior light transmittance.
● Streamlined installation & assembly – crushable press-fit ribs ensure maximum stability while simplifying assembly and reducing overall costs.
● Reliability in harsh environments – a UL94-V0 rating, halogen-free design, and an optimized resin system, the LFBR series delivers optimal performance in high-temp, high-moisture, and UV-exposed conditions.
● Secure reverse-mount system – the plug-and-play reverse-mount design optimizes assembly in difficult-to-reach locations, including the back of the panel or the inside of the build.
● Options for every need – engineers can choose from 22 products with flat or domed lenses in lengths ranging from .100” to .830″.
● Design versatility – the LFBR Series is compatible with single and multi-color SMD LEDs, such as VCC’s SpectraBright, LSM, CMD17, VAOL series, and other light sources.

“We’re thrilled to offer customers a versatile light pipe series that delivers outstanding performance & easy assembly when rear access to the front panel is needed.” stated VCC Product Manager Mario Davila. “Our new LFBR Series was made with engineers in mind — from the reverse-mount & robust press-fit ribs to the wide selection of length options.”

Mario Davila

Product Manager, VCC

The versatile new LFBR Series 3mm Reverse Panel Mount Press-Fit Rigid Light Pipes will be available through its global distribution channels in April 2024. To learn more, visit: https://vcclite.com/lfbr-lightpipes/.

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