SAN DIEGO, CA, February 12, 2019

Visual Communications Company (VCC), a recognized global leader in the illuminated electronics market with advanced indication and specialty illumination solutions, is launching its groundbreaking VentoFlex Flexible Modular Lighting System later this month.

The new VentoFlex lighting system is made up of flexible copper clad laminate (FCCL) sheets with 90 CRI Luxeon LEDs. VentoFlex was designed to open up design possibilities in applications including environmental design, furniture, equipment and so much more.

With VentoFlex, the sum is greater than its 12 x 12-inch parts:

Versatility – VentoFlex tiles mount to any surface — either by staples, nails, screws or even double-sided tape. Each tile can bend to 90 degrees and isn’t confined by flat surfaces, creating infinite opportunities for awe-inspiring lighting design.

Customization – the 12” x 12” inch tiles are only half of the story — they can be cut and formed around corners and other shapes with just a pair of scissors. With a footprint as small as 0.15 (3.81 mm), making a big impact has never taken up less space.

Modular design – the tiles themselves aren’t the only flexible thing about VentoFlex. The configurations can be quite flexible, too, with 10 or 15 tiles being connected to a single driver. Plus, the cables don’t have to physically touch to enhance design aesthetic.

In addition to the utmost versatility and convenience, VentoFlex tiles provide:

  • Stunning, reliable ambiance for both damp and dry locations
  • Seven color temperatures for added versatility: 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 5000K
  • A wide viewing angle for maximum impact – 140 degrees, for the win
  • Dimmable illumination all the way to 1 percent with any 0-10V or DALI signal

VentoFlex is unlike any product currently available through distribution, making creative design solutions easily accessible to a host of industries and manufacturers.

“We are beyond ecstatic to introduce such a versatile LED product for customers in a range of industries, VentoFlex is a game-changer, not only because the tiles are so versatile and beautiful, but because its modular design makes it easy to customize configurations. Giving designers the utmost flexibility without sacrificing quality is our main mission, and VentoFlex is the perfect example.”

Sannah Vinding

Director of Product Development & Marketing, VCC

VentoFlex tiles will be available through VCC’s distribution channels on January 2019. To learn more or watch a video on how these tiles bring design to life, visit:

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