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Use our VentoFlex calculator to quickly determine exactly how many tiles, cables, and drivers you need to create a project bill of materials (BOM). Simply provide the room dimensions, watts, color temperature, and horizontal or square tile configuration.

Part Name Part Number Quantity Remarks
VentoFlex Tile VFTS12N06S27K 10
Power Cable* VFTPCSP0110FT 10
Bridge Cable** VFTBCSP0102FT 10
Driver 48Vdc, 96W Driver 10
Jumper Cable*** VFTJCSN0402FT N/A

*Note:- When you order, please specify the cable length(XX). Standard is 2ft

VentoFlex Tile Configuration

(S) Square Cutouts

(H) Horizontal Cutouts

VentoFlex Tile Type

(S) Square Tile

cut out areas are rectangular, and cannot be smaller than 4” x 3”

(H) Horizontal Tile

cut out areas are square, and cannot be smaller than 1” x 1”

VentoFlex Overview

1. VentoFlex Tile

Available in 6 watt, 9 watt, two tile types and in a range of kelvin temperature

2. VentoFlex Power Cable

Available in 10ft and 20ft

3. VentoFlex Bridge Cable

Available in 2ft and 3ft

4. VentoFlex Jumper Cable

Available in 2ft and 3ft

5. Driver

Recommendation 48VDC

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