1092 Series

High-Brightness LED Panel Mount Indicator

New high brightness LED panel mount indicator series that achieves full brightness in microseconds – even in daylight viewing. Front panel snap-in mounting eases installation, leading to a significant reduction in assembly time and cost. Snaps fit into 0.500” (1.27mm) panel hole and requires no additional hardware. Well suited for new and retrofit designs, the 1092 Series LED panel mount indicators provide low energy consumption, fast on/off and low heat generation – enabling long operating life of more than 100,000 hours.
1092 Series LED Panel Mount Indicator with wire leads or tab terminals available in four different lens styles, three diffused lens colors and operating voltage range of 12V, 28V and 125V.

1092 Series Product Video

Click below to view the 1092 Series Product Video or click here to check out VCC’s YouTube Channel.