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No two products are exactly alike, from the environments where end-users will operate them to the size constraints of the control panel. That’s why VCC boasts one of the largest selections of PMIs available. Finding the perfect fit in a standard product can save time and streamline production (Win-win, anyone?). 

You have many design factors to navigate every day, including size restrictions, environmental considerations and visual language, to name a few. In our latest PMI brochure, you’ll find a comprehensive collection of standard options to help make those decisions easier, including:

Sizes To Suit HMI Design & Application

We provide LED indicators in sizes from 0.157” (4mm) up to 0.88” (22.3mm) to fit a range of different mounting hole dimensions. Sometimes, the size of the PMI is the constraint, others, the application itself requires a more robust panel. Either way, VCC has you covered with durable indicators in the sizes your specs require.

Ruggedized Solutions for Tough Conditions

Both indoor and outdoor applications can provide harsh environments thanks to exposure to oil, dirt, water, cleaning solutions and even food. Our PMIs include several SKUs that are moisture sealed to IP67, or downright waterproof, providing reliability in rough conditions. Plus, many are resistant to abusive shock and vibration, even without additional accessories.

Lens That Work for the Job at Hand

Lenses are more than simply an aesthetic choice, as some provide greater daylight (or nighttime) visibility and an enhanced viewing angle. Flat dome, high dome, semi-dome — even no dome or lens at all — you’ll find exactly what your job demands.

The Perfect Amount of Power

Every application has its own power demands, so VCC’s PMIs run the gamut from 2V all the way to 220VAC. From automation and controls to food, industrial or medical applications, you’ll find the ideal voltage for optimum performance. To open up design possibilities and save on manufacturing costs, we also deliver flexible voltage options to accommodate a host of industrial uses.

Colors That Enhance Communication

Sometimes, the most effective visual communication needs to take place without the standard red, green or yellow indicators. Whether your brand dictates a different hue or the PMI was designed for color combinations outside the ordinary, choose from blue, white, clear and amber, as well as bi-color and tri-color configurations. Have something else in mind? Just ask, our team is always ready to help.  The thousands of SKUs in our collection support one common goal — to provide you with status indication that meets your specifications and exceed your expectations.


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