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Charging stations stay powered up with VCC

Application Characteristics

Today’s modern lifestyle never stops, much less slows down. This means tablets and laptops must always be powered up just to keep up.Charging-Station-lightpipes-Case-Study-vcclite

In the office, classroom or even full house, innovative portable device charging stations minimize the time required to slow down and recharge, some powering up to 20 devices at once. These products may not be sexy, but they sure are helpful when it comes to maximizing uptime for the devices that we need to work, shop, play, socialize and even date — 24/7.



Application Requirements

Technology-enabled devices power the way we do just about everything. These devices must meet the demands of modern and busy consumers, including:

  • Ease of operation
    •  no training or instructions required, just plug in, wait a few minutes and then get back to browsing.
  • Clarity in communication 
    • many products use a bi-color LED indicator for when the device is charging that changes color when it’s good to go, or a single LED color that blinks while charging and remains constant when fully charged.
  • Safe and secure charging
    • some charging stations including lid locks with programmable security locks, ensuring iPads and laptops are secure from being snagged while in charge mode.
  • Reliability and durability
    • manufacturers of these devices stand behind the quality of their products by offering warranties. Therefore, they need reliable partners who can provide the products they know will last.


VCC has the experience and innovative products to ensure high visibility and reliability at virtually any viewing angle.


LFC Series

LFC Light Pipe press fit, low profile, diffused, crush ribsThe diffused light pipes in the LFC Series provide a soft, uniform glow that easily extends light from the board to the indication surface. Available in 5mm diameter, these optical-grade polycarbonate light pipes enable a viewing angle of 120 degrees.


Available in a wide range of lengths to simplify PCB positioning, standard lengths range from 3.2 mm to 24.4mm. Of course, custom lengths are available to enhance the design. The low-profile light pipes can also be configured close to each other to provide a more streamlined look, even when 20 status indicators are sharing the same panel.


To streamline production and installation, the LFC Series features crushable ribs and press fit into the panels without any additional tools or equipment. The UL94-V0 polycarbonate materials also support the extended life expected in the manufacturer warranty.


Retainer for LFC Series


• Recommended for high vibration applications
• Secure and uniform placement of the light pipe to the panel



Results & Benefits

For charging station manufacturers and end users, VCC’s line of light pipes and innovative products offer many benefits, including:

For users:

  • Quick, reliable powering up of devices
  • Easy-to-understand status indicator due to uniform brightness  
  • Enhanced productivity by always having device ready to go

For manufacturers:

  • Streamlined manufacturing and installation
  • Wide range of pipe lengths or custom to choose from
  • Reliable and durable products to deliver high-quality charging device to marketplace


Value-added Service

Charging-Station-lightpipes-Case-Study-vccVCC has the experience and innovative products to help address any challenges associated with technology-enabled device design.

Our team works closely with manufacturers to provide an effective and efficient solution, whether it’s standard or custom.


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