40 Series

0.250” LED panel mount indicator Single, Bi LED or Tri LED Combination
The 40 series delivers reliable and preferable illumination and is available in single color, bi-color and tri-color combinations. The series offers superior construction and long life for a variety of electronic equipment. Available with hi-hat, flush, hi-dome lens.

Designed for quick installation in display panels and reduces overall cost due to less-frequent replacements.

Available in six single colors: red, green, white, blue, amber, orange, bi-color, and tri-color combination with or without lens.

Offered with a variety of lens options: hi-hat, wide hi-hat, flush, wide flush or hi-dome, all featured with fresnel pattern lens which provides excellent light focus and assures maximum light output.

Spring retainer clip and washer (included) secures uniform placement of the indicator to the panel and is ideal for high vibration environments.

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