LFB Series

Diffused Light Pipe Family – Provides a Soft Appearance in Dark Environments

Rigid light pipes with a diffused, frosted surface texture for enhanced scattering of bright field light, which provides a softer glow. The 3mm LFB Series litepipes™ easily extend light from the board to the desired surface for applications where bright, hot indication would not be pleasing to the eye. This includes audio/video equipment, IoT equipment, darkroom equipment, home theater & entertainment systems, medical equipment, security systems, studio control panels, transportation dashboards and more.

Made of optical grade polycarbonate for maximum light transmission, the LFB Series litepipes have a round surface that reduces the luminous intensity, provides uniform brightness, and offers a wide viewing angle of 120 degrees. Providing significant assembly time and cost savings, the low-profile LFB Series have crushable ribs and press fit (front) terminations that simplify the production environment and ease installation.

The light pipes are available in a wide range of lengths to simplify PCB positioning in relation to the display panel. Standard lengths range from 0.125” (3.2mm) to 1.000” (25.4mm), and custom lengths are available upon request.