Designed for harsh and outdoor environments, the 120VAC panel mount indicators meet industry demands…

SAN DIEGO, CA – VCC, a recognized leader in indication and specialty illumination solutions, has expanded its CNX Series product offering to include 120VAC versions for both the 14mm (0.551”) and 22mm (0.866”) panel-mount indicators. Part of the all-in-one FlexVolt™ product family, the rugged CNX714 (14mm) and CNX722 (22mm) Series indicators can be used with voltages ranging from 5V to 28V DC circuits, and now 120VAC.


Designed for outdoor environments and extreme applications, the IP67-rated LED indicators are moisture sealed and are resistant to shock and vibration. The CNX714 and CNX722 indicators have a built-in LED that offers fast, easy installation in harsh environments. Assembly is further eased via fast pitch threads and special nut assemblies that enable quick installation by requiring only a single turn with one’s fingers or a 1” hex tool.


The CNX 714 and CNX722 Series provide direct sunlight visibility and a wide viewing angle for maximum light detection.


“The expansion of our CNX product family to include 120VAC panel mount indicators is a direct result of customer request,” said Sannah Vinding, Director of Product Development and Marketing at VCC. The CNX714 and CNX722 Series panel mount indicators are ideal for rugged applications that require the highest quality and where indicators are tasked with communicating the potential for danger both quickly, efficiently and accurately.”  


The CNX 714/722 120VAC Series indicators are available in five single colors including red, yellow, blue, white and green. Both indicators are available with a variety of connection options to simplify installation.


These LED indicators are commonly used in control cabinets, gaming and vending, industrial machinery, instrument panels, marine, oil and gas, safety and emergency, and transportation dashboards.


Custom LEDs and lens colors are available, along with an optional bezel that is also available in many colors.


The CNX 714 and CNX 722 Series indicators are RoHS and REACH compliant.

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