Integrating LED components is most successful when the technology for the application is based on the specific device performance, quality, reliability and cost requirements. This includes taking the time to evaluate and design your LED system to cover the full range of optical quality, from high-precision lenses to basic plastic optical lenses and to match lens features, filters, lite pipes and other components to meet your design requirements.

There are two main application categories for LED applications:

Visual LEDs and Non Visual LEDs.

Visual LEDs

Visual LEDs were once implemented simply as panel and device indicator lights with frequent implementation in flashing sign applications. Each aspect of the LED field has grown and now includes many additional uses such as lighting, coaxial and reflective illumination, linear assemblies, dome sources and smart lighting. Flashing LEDs are even used as attention seeking indicators without requiring external electronics. LED panel indication, automotive applications and signal communication are well on their way to being dominated by LED usage. In addition, industry insiders feel that LEDs will also completely replace present standard lighting sources like incandescent, halogen and even gas discharge lamps.

Non-Visual LEDs

Non-visual LEDs are used extensively in application where their main functions is not to serve as indicators or light sources. The easy modulation ability of LEDs has encouraged voluminous use in optical fiber and free space communication. The many uses for non-visual LEDs include infrared applications such as remote controls, barcode scanners and machine vision systems. LEDs are also combined with photo diodes or phototransistors to create an opto-isolator, providing electrical isolation between circuits.

Application Options

When designing your project selecting the right components often comes down to not only the device itself but also the options that make that device fit the critical parameters of your application. For LEDs there are several devices that will modify your LED component to meet the project requirements and achieve optimal system results. Color options, lenses, filters, diffusers and waterproofing are additional options that can be selected or added to generate desired system results.

Where can I find the right LEDs and the Right Application Specific Options?
VCC has been a leader in LED manufacture, design and implementation for many years. Our experience covers a diverse range of LED indicator light applications in which our products and their many options and variations are used. Contact us today for innovative design assistance combined with modern manufacturing practices. , VCC provides high-quality, high-performance LED lighting solutions that will help your design meet and exceed your expectations.

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