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Design Service Cost Frequently Asked Questions

For more than forty years, VCC has been a trusted design partner in helping solve challenging applications involving the delivery of light. From the simple to more complex human machine interface systems, VCC excels at designing, testing and manufacturing custom light delivery solutions to help companies communicate better with light.

1. What is involved?

The answer depends – is it a simple design, is it a complex design? There are a few questions that if know will help VCC provide an accurate decision:

  • Do you already have the 3D CAD file
  • Have you selected the needed LED(s)
  • Are there multiple color LED or one single color
  • Is there an illumination intensity output known (lumens/MCD)
  • Is the final application to be viewed in a daytime or nighttime environment
  • What is the desired distance you wish to view/see the light
  • What is the desired viewing angle
  • Would VCC handle the production of the finished part, or only help with the design.
  • What is the estimated annual usage (EAU)
  • Is there a tooling budget set
  • What is the timeline for prototypes and/or production

Although there are other details that would need to be discussed, these are some of the initial pieces of information that help us determine not only the time to delivery, but also the cost of the project

2. Which asks the question, what is the cost?

This also depends – The cost of a custom design project with VCC can range from $7,500 for a design that is established and you would like VCC to review for tooling and illumination intensity. If the project is such that VCC would handle the complete design from concept, depending on the complexity, the NRE cost starts at $15,000 (this does not include any tooling cost).

Whether you need standard illuminated components or a custom solution

We have the expertise and experience to help you achieve your design goals
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