Case Study

Control modules for outdoor solar panel installations

Application Characteristics

The customer was using a light pipe design that was poorly suited for the required light performance – it had minimal illumination from the side which caused issues for technicians in the field.

Custom Light Pipe for outdoor solar panel installations control modules

Light Modeling Provided

Using sophisticated light modeling software to simulate the light pipe’s performance, VCC validated that the redesigned lightpipe met the customer’s needs before tooling the project.

Light Modeling Software

Result & Benefits

VCC’s light pipe design delivered a 360 degree viewing angle from the sides while maintaining the same ┬ámechanical interface as the original design.

Optically clear 3D printed samples assured proof of concept before tooling was initiated

Custom Light Pipe - SLA sample

Value-added Service

  • Fast turnaround for design and prototype
  • Optimize design performance
  • Cost effective-project-based cots versus fixed overhead
Value-added service

VCC’s value-added service team can modify our standard illuminated components or design a fully custom solution in accordance with our customers mechanical, electrical, and optical needs.

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