Crisis ColLAB: Let’s work together to defeat COVID-19

Free design and prototyping for complex solutions to fight this virus around the world
VCC, a global leader in HMI and illuminated component design and manufacturing is offering assistance during this time of crisis. We’re here to donate our services to medical equipment providers and OEMs in need of help designing solutions for combatting COVID-19.

Our team can design the necessary medical and PPE equipment for you to produce and get to the front lines as quickly as possible.

We can provide:

Extensive design capabilities to support medical suppliers and OEMs through:

  Expertise in engineering design for medical equipment
  An experienced and highly motivated team of mechanical and electrical product designers and engineers
  Design software for creating and testing solutions
  3D printing know-how and machinery
  Proven performance in designing and prototyping PCB assemblies, light engines, and other electronic components

With extensive experience, VCC is well-positioned to provide design expertise and help in any way we can.

How you can help us work together to
solve complex challenges during this crisis:

Submit a request for solutions our team can help with using design expertise and prototyping to speed up the design and development of your mission-critical medical supplies and equipment.

About VCC:

VCC is a leading global manufacturer of illuminated and electronic components for HMI and status indicators. With more production facilities in Mexico and more than 40 years of experience, we’re proud to lead the way in leading-edge customization of PCB assemblies, light pipes, PMIs and other electronic components.

Together, we fight against COVID-19

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