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Modern Control Panels for Innovative Pools Systems


Control panels for innovative residential & commercial chlorine-free pool systems.

Application Characteristics

Thoroughly cleaning your pool on a weekly basis during the swimming season will ensure clean and safe swimming water. Pool regulations and codes are developed by government agencies to make sure that treated recreational water facilities (for example, pools, hot tubs, and water parks) provide a clean, healthy, and safe environment.

These regulations set minimum standards (such as the amount of chlorine that should be in the pool) to decrease the swimmers risk of illness and injury. To confirm that these regulations are followed, state and local officials regularly inspect treated recreational water venues.

To ensure pool facilities meet regulations, advanced chlorine-free pool systems provide safe, clean water without the use of harmful disinfection byproducts (DBPs) By reducing chemical handling and exposure, these modern non-toxic systems also eliminate chlorine odor, red eyes, dry and itchy skin, lung irritation, and chemical exposure in the home.

Control Panel for Innovative Pool Systems - Case Study

In addition, the innovative chlorine-free pool systems can reduce operational and maintenance costs.

Control System Requirements

The chlorine-free pool system is designed to improve the swimming experience. This not only includes those in the water, but also the management and control of the system.

The control panel is central to the operation of the pool system, requiring a modern design with high brightness, daytime visibility and color-coded status indication

This sophisticated control panel needs to a combine a sleek design with simple installation and an IP67 rating for outdoor use. The contemporary design also demands an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making tracking and reviewing pool water cleanliness fast and easy.

Panel Mount Indicator Provided

Control Panel for Innovative Pool Systems - Case Study

The low-profile, 14mm CNX714 FV Series all-in-one indicator features a built-in LED to enable an attractive contemporary design that delivers clear and precise signaling.


Modern User Interface

The CNX714 Series affords a modern, straightforward user interface via three LED indicator colors including red, amber and green. The aesthetically pleasing LEDs are designed for direct sunlight visibility with a wide viewing angle for maximum light detection and communication.

Developed for harsh environments, the 14mm CNX714 FV Series LED indicator is resistant to shock and vibration, and is moisture sealed for outdoor applications. The IP67 and NEMA 6P rated panel mount indicators have a long operational life.


CNX714 Series - Control Panel for Innovative Pool Systems - Case Study

The CNX714 Series eases assembly via fast pitch threads that require only one turn. The indicators are available with a variety of connection options to simplify installation.

The RoHS & Reach-compliant indicator has a mounting hole size of 14mm (0.551”) and has 24 AWG wire leads.

In addition, the 22mm CNX722 can be used if a larger indicator is required.

Results & Benefits

The CNX714 Series and CNX722 Series indicators are tailored to enhance and support visual communications.

Facilitating a sleek and attractive control panel, the CNX714and CNX722 Series indicators improve functionality and aesthetics, offering a perfect selection for new device designs. Available with voltages ranging from 5V to 28V, the CNX714 Series maximizes the options available to engineers and designers.

The built-in LED offers an extra wide viewing angle which delivers excellent visibility – even in direct sunlight. The ruggedized, moisture sealed LED panel mount indicator is durable and can handle extremely harsh environments, ensuring a long operational lifetime in outdoor applications. Fast-pitch threads ease assembly, which leads to the reduction in assembly time and delivers cost savings.

Custom LEDs and lens colors are available upon request to create an attractive panel mount indicator that accurately delivers visual communication and positively affects people and behavior.

Value-added Service

VCC understands the importance of visual communications and brings value to your design challenge. VCC becomes an extension of your design team and can provide technical advice and value to your design challenge.

Control Panel for Innovative Pool Systems - Case Study

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