Modular lighting system 12 to 24 volts

Visual Communications Company (VCC), a recognized global leader in the illuminated electronics market with advanced indication and HMI solutions, is pleased to roll out an additional voltage option for its VentoFlex Modular Lighting System.

Originally launched in 2018 with 48V power, VentoFlex earned the 2019 Product of the Year from the prestigious Elektra Awards. Now, a 12V – 24VDC version is available to help open up even more lighting design capabilities.

This modular lighting system combines ease of use with customization that eliminates design constraints associated with tile size. Key benefits for engineers and designers include:

  • Small but mighty – with a tiny footprint of 0.15″ (3.81mm), each tile provides seamless illumination with setback distances as low as 2 inches, virtually illuminating size as a design constraint. 
  • Made to bend, move, and impress – 12” x 12” flexible copper clad tiles (FCCL) were made for hard corners and can bend well past 90 degrees.
  • Multiple voltage options mean greater design flexibility – with the new 12V – 24V option, RVs and boats can get in on the creativity since most run on 12V battery power. And 48V options can handle bigger jobs with ease.
  • Designed for user-friendly connections – connect 5 to 15 tiles with one LED driver, depending on the voltage needed. VentoFlex tiles don’t have to physically touch to work together seamlessly.
  • Color temp offerings for greater choice and control – with six color temperatures ranging from 2200K – 5700K, setting the ideal tone is easier than ever.
  • No heat sink requirements, no limits – VentoFlex tiles can be mounted directly to any non-conductive interior surface without heat sink accommodations.
  • Easy to install just about anywhere – no tools are required to connect the tiles, and tape, staples, or tacks can be used to mount on any non-conductive interior surface.
  • Wow-worthy viewing – with a 140-degree viewing angle, VentoFlex’s impact can’t be ignored.

Depending on the driver used, VentoFlex tiles are also dimmable to 1%, only adding more convenience.

“We’re excited to make our award-winning VentoFlex system even more flexible by adding an additional voltage option,​ now, designers can wow end-users from recreational vehicle interiors to backlit signage in just about every configuration you can imagine. Even battery-powered environments like boats and motorhomes can take advantage of seamless, yet stunning illumination.” 

Sannah Vinding

Director of Product Development & Marketing, VCC

VCC’s versatile 12V-24V VentoFlex tiles are available to customers now through its distribution channels.

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