Bend the Rules of Lighting Design

with VentoFlex Tiles

For architects and lighting designers with the highest standards, VCC VentoFlex modular lighting system opens up countless ways to make an impact.  Featuring a flexible PC board, VentoFlex delivers seamless backlighting, even in challenging interior spaces


Ambient lighting is all about creating the right mood. VentoFlex helps designers set the exact tone and aesthetic they intended, wither it’s a backlit lobby, decorative wall or something that hasn’t even been imagined yet. With VentoFlex, lighting design is no longer limited by flat surfaces — the tiles mount to any surface and can bend to 90 degrees and beyond.


Available in 12″x12″ square sheets, these innovative LED tiles can be cut and formed around any design element, including rounded corners and tight spaces without taking up much room at all — 0.15. A pair of scissors is the only tool required to cut VentoFlex panels to the size and shape you desire.


VentoFlex can link up to 10, 12” x 12” panels to one power source, all on the same 0-10V or DALI dimmer. That’s 1,440 square inches of versatile lighting power! When connecting panels together, the cables don’t have to physically touch each other, enabling even more design flexibility.

No hot spots, just unstoppable versatility

VentoFlex Flexible Copper Clad Laminate (FCCL) sheets can be mounted directly to most any non-conductive interior surface with no requirement for a heat sink.  Featuring 90 CRI Luxeon™ LEDs in a wide range color temperatures, VentoFlex tiles provide seamless uniform illumination of luminous surfaces at setback distances as low as 2 inches.

Freedom To Create

VCC is your premier source for modular lighting systems, and backlighting solutions.

We do more than assemble your lighting products — we own the process from design to manufacturing to ensure the highest standards are met (ours and yours)

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