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Powerful, portable construction and industrial heating system control panel


Powerful, portable construction and industrial heating system control panel.

Application Characteristics

Designed for big jobs, the large construction and industrial heaters are used for ground thawing and concrete curing. Built for cold weather climates and tested to -40 degrees Fahrenheit, these quiet and efficient units are compact, yet powerful enough to thaw ground, cure concrete or provide temporary heat for up to four new home sites at once.

The computer controlled system features double loop technology that delivers high-efficiency operation with more consistent temperatures for better concrete curing.

The LED indicators provide low power-consumption, low-heat generation, fast on/off cycling, and long operating life.

The user friendly units required a big control panel with easy to use switches and digital supply / return temperature controls with warning and seven large high-bright, day-time readable operation lights for indicating operational status, fluid level warnings, and more.


The 1/2 inch 1092 LED panel mount indicators offer superior daytime visibility and achieves full-brightness in microseconds which made it a perfect solution the industrial heating system control panel.

Combined with low-energy operation, low-heat generation and a long operating life, the LED indicators optimize performance in industrial applications.

Control Panel

Life expectancy is maximized by using the O-ring gasket accessory that offers protection from water, dust, oil and more. Improving the overall reliability of the industrial heater control panel, the 1092 LED panel mount indicators are resistant to shock and impact vibration when used with a speed nut accessory.

1092 LED Series

Featuring a front panel snap-in mounting that eases installation, the 1092 Series significantly reduces assembly time and cost. The indicators snap fit into 0.500” (12.7mm) panel hole and require no additional hardware.

Available in four different lens styles, including hi-hat, hi-dome, semi-dome and small-dome, the customizable 1092 Series meets a wide range of application requirements.

Offered in red, green and amber colors, the 1092 LED indicators are designed with wire leads (4.4”/4.8”) or tab terminal (0.187” x .020”) and are offered in operating voltage ranges of 12V, 28V and 125V.

The 0.500” LED panel mount indicators are cULus listed.

Featuring a bezel finish and polished stainless steel, the 1092 Series is compliant with RoHS and REACH requirements.

Results & Benefits

VCC’s illuminated components allow the construction and industrial heater operators to make better, more informed decisions.

Through communication with light via the illuminated communicator control panel, operators have better control of systems, ensuring proper performance and increasing safety.

Value-added Service

VCC understands the importance of visual communications and brings value to your design challenge.

VCC becomes an extension of your design team and can provide technical advice to ensure your indicators meet mechanical, electrical and optical requirements

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