Meet the Workhorse Indicator You Can Count on for Nearly Any Application

In most circumstances, having a go-to PMI for all upcoming projects wouldn’t be the best idea. However, there is one hard-working indicator that has the versatility, voltage, and rugged options to make it a no-brainer for some of the toughest jobs out there — the 1092 Series PMI.

A reliable PMI like the 1092 Series is the only indicator OEMs and designers need for a wide range of applications, including:

  • Transportation systems
  • Special vehicles
  • Agricultural vehicles
  • Process controls
  • Professional electrical appliances
  • Communications
  • Radar
  • Civil engineering vehicles
  • Trucks
  • Diggers
  • Cranes
  • Automotive
  • Lifts



The Power You Need, No Matter How Much

When the 1092 Series first hit the market, the widely used operating voltages of 12VAC/DC and 28VAC/DC options were made available as standard products.

Throughout the years, we collaborated with clients who needed increased power, developing two additional standard options to accommodate heavy-duty power needs:


Availabe with tab terminals or wire leads — and only six weeks of lead time — the 125VAC 1092 Series indicators are perfect for new designs or product upgrades thanks to low heat generation and fast on/off.


Available with wire leads, the standard 250VAC 1092 PMI can help save on production and manufacturing costs by eliminating the need for a costly converter to achieve desired power levels.

Holds (and Performs) Steady in Extreme Conditions

When you envision a brutal working environment — not just for humans — but for equipment, does it feel like -40℉? Large construction and industrial heaters are used for ground thawing and concrete curing in the most hostile conditions… and they better not fail! 

That’s why the 1092 Series was the PMI for the job for our industrial heater OEM, thanks to its long life expectancy and an additional O-ring gasket to protect the indicator from dust, oil, water and vibration.

Count on the 1092 Series panel mount indicator from one extreme to the other:

However, temperature is only one type of abuse your device may face. Exposure to moisture and debris can happen in a wide range of working conditions, including the kitchens that fuel our dining experience. For example, the standard 1092 Series was revised to accommodate a high-voltage option to save end-users thousands on a commercial-grade venting system. Our team worked with the ventless grill manufacturer to specify its exact needs, then revise the standard 125VAC 1092 Series PMI to a 250VAC option. The new, high-voltage 1092 PMI also saved in manufacturing costs by eliminating the need for an electric converter to get the power needed for the frill. 

For another client, the harsh conditions that needed protection from were strong cleaning detergents, water and food particles. Food safety is a top priority, so the industrial dishwasher must safely clean and sanitize every fork, knife, plate and glass — every time. When the client approached us because its existing PMI was failing, driving up frustrations and warranty claims, the 125VAC 1092 was the ideal solution. A wire leads terminal resolved the client’s headaches with the high-powered amber 1092 PMI.

Reinforcements for Vibration and the Elements

Indoors or out, OEMs and designers will find the features and accessories to protect their device from impact, moisture and debris.


  • Wire lead terminals can assist in keeping crucial connections secure during high-impact operations.
  • All it takes to help absorb shock and high-impact from vibrations is a push-on speed nut accessory.

Moisture and Other Contaminants

  • An O-Ring gasket around the lens helps protect the PMI from water, dust, and oil, to name a few.

Lens Shapes for Every Job

When viewing angle and daylight visibility are of the essence, lens shape can make a huge difference. The 1092 Series is available in four lens types, each with their own attributes that add up to a better end-user experience, depending on design goals and working environment:

Hi-Hat Lens

Hi-Dome Lens

Semi-Dome Lens

Small Dome Lens

Common Colors for Uncommon Consistency

VCC’s 1092 Series is available in five single LED colors, which happen to be the most commonly used options in industrial devices — red, blue, green, amber, and white. And thanks to their advanced technology, the LEDs attain full brightness in microseconds.

Of course, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to HMI design. But, we’re fairly confident that the 1092 Series can effectively meet your needs for most projects while providing the performance you and your end-users can rely on, year after year.To learn more about the 1092 Series, watch this video. Or, check out our industrial brochure to see other products may be a great fit for your next project.

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