CNX 310 Series 5mm LED socket eliminates need for an

external resistor, simplifies design and assembly



VCC, the global leader in indication and specialty illumination solutions, has designed a series of LED sockets that feature a built-in current limiting resistor to provide optimal LED performance. Ideal for indication applications ranging from 4VDC to 12VDC, the CNX 310 Series LED socket design ensures that the current is delivered at a specific level called the characteristic, or recommended, forward current. The CNX 310 LED socket with embedded chip resistor also extends the operating life of the LED fixture, as it protects against transient voltages.

Simplifying assembly, the CNX 310 Series eliminates the need for an external resistor and any additional soldering. The LED socket with embedded resistor offers a quick, easy, drop-in replacement LED solution to traditional 12V incandescent indication lamps. Rated to NEMA 6P and IP67 protection, the CNX 310 LED socket is well suited for harsh environment applications.

Available with resistor values ranging from 120 ohms to 2220 ohms, the CNX 310 Series LED sockets feature a .281” diameter mounting hole, 5mm LED and wire leads.